How can I provide feedback?

Please use this feedback form to share your comments & suggestions as well as any bugs reports!

How much will Wonda VR Spaces cost?

We will be communicating shortly on the pricing. For any question, please contact

What is the difference between Wonda VR Spaces and Wonda VR Studio?

Wonda VR Spaces is an online collaboration learning platform allowing anyone to create and share immersive Experiences made from any content in real time with multiple users.

Key features are:

  • Online editor (SaaS)
  • Experience viewable through a web player on all devices 
  • HTC Vive Focus app for offline content playback
  • LMS support (with xAPI, Scorm and LTI)
  • 2D videos support
  • 3D environment support
  • Social VR for co-viewing experience

Wonda VR Studio  is a desktop authoring application (such as Final Cut or Photoshop) targeted primarily at multimedia specialists wishing to create and share interactive 360 video/photo experiences. It’s also Ideal for project featured on trade show.

Key features are:

  • Offline editor
  • Native apps for iOS, Android and Oculus GO (White Label compatible)
  • Stereoscopic content support
  • Spatial audio (.tbe) on Android 
  • Storyboard view

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