You can now manipulate and interact with 3D objects in Wonda VR Spaces (beta).
Here is how you can import 3D objects and make them interactive.

Please make sure you have read our general guidelines about how to import your own 3D room.

Step 1/3: Importing your 3D Object(s) in Spoke

  1. Create a new project in Spoke and import our sample project (Go to file > import .spoke - you can update it later)
  2. Import, position and scale your 3D object (.glb) within the room
  3. Tag the object name by adding “wvr-interactive” (i.e. 3D-Object-Name-wvr-interactive) in the field highlighted in the screen below
  4. (optional) Add  box-colliders  (from assets > elements > box collider), locate and resize them so they cover all surfaces needed (example: floor, wall, table, …). See also below for more information about Box Colliders.

Adding a manipulable car in Spoke - The object name containing wvr-interactive

Step 2/3: Export your room from Spoke and import it within Wonda VR Spaces

  1. In Spoke, Go to file > Export to .glb
  2. In the new window, be sure to uncheck the “combine meshes” option and click on Export Project
  3. Open Wonda VR Spaces in a new window and import your 3D room (with 3D objects) as a new room within Wonda VR together with a thumbnail image (to be called exactly “thumbnail”) see the full documentation on how to add a new 3D room here.

Step 3/3: Preview and interact with your 3D manipulable object within Spaces

Once you have successfully imported the Room, you can now manipulate the 3D object in a solo session or with some other participants during a co-viewing session. Simply open the link to the experience with your device and interact with the 3D object as explained below:


How to interact in VR:

With one or two controllers

  • press the “trigger” to hold an object
  • press the “grip” to grab, rotate or drop an object
  • use the multidirectional stick to bring the object closer or further away
  • press the “grip” simultaneously with both your controllers to scale objects


How to interact on a PC/Mac:

With the mouse

  • Right click to select the 3D object
  • Keep pressing to keep the object in hand
  • Use the wheel mouse to bring the object closer or further away

About Box Colliders:

Manipulable objects are subject to physics. In your 3D room, gravity is defined.

All physical items - or 3D objects - will be subject to gravity, they will fall if there is no “physical surface” that stop them. These physical surfaces are the box-colliders that define which surface will collide with the 3D objects and that will apply a force on the 3D object (stopping gravity or making object bounce for example).

These box colliders should be added to your 3D room before importing them in Mozilla Spoke. If there are no box colliders in your existing 3D room, you can also create them directly within Spoke.

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