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Can I save the scores in my LMS?

Yes, you will be able to store your participant scores within your LMS using LTI, Scorm and soon xAPI. Contact us for more information to know when this will be available.

What happens if a same scored action is triggered multiple times during the same session? 

When a participant reiterates the same scored actions (e.g. answer the same quiz twice), only the first action will be scored.

How do I reset my score? 

You need to relaunch the experience (refresh)

What happens if the participant refreshes the page?

Your participant’s score will be reset

What happens in a co-viewing session?

The scoring is individual but everyone will be redirected to the same scene if you have enabled this option in the quiz settings. For co-viewing session, we recommend to disable “link to a scene” option and have a dedicated element to jump to the next scene so everyone can participate to the quiz.

Can I reach a specific sequence when I achieve the given passing score?

At the moment, you can display a pop-in text to congratulate the viewer (see “Set alert on completion” in the scoring options.

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