Wonda comes with a set of Templates with pre-built 3D environment. But you can also import your own. Here is how.


You can import any 3D environment into Wonda regardless of thee 3D modelling software you are using.

One of them is Blender, which we will use as a reference here.

After this short tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Position & size correctly your room to import it in Wonda;

  • Add a custom Skybox;

  • Define the walkable area (floor plan);

  • Import the room in Wonda.

To be noted: this tutorial is not a 3D modelling tutorial. We are focusing here on the last steps you need to go through to import your creation in Wonda.

Step 1/2: Set Up your 3D Environment in Blender

1. Check that your 3D model meets requirements

  • Max Polygons count: 150k (Decimate your model if needed. See how to do in Blender)

  • Max Texture Resolution: 4K (higher resolution will not work on mobile)

  • Material number: ideally less than 10 (the lesser the better for performance)

2. Create a plane to simulate where the Main Display will be positioned after you import your 3D room into Wonda. Scale the image to reach 4 meters in width and change its position to: (X:0,00 Y:3,00 Z:1,50).

→ Keep in mind that the Player Spawn Point is fixed at (X:0 Y:0 Z:0).

→ This means that the player faces the Blender +Y direction on spawn.

Note: it will not be visible in your Wonda project, you can use any sample image

3. Move your 3D Environment around this image to make sure the Main Display is in the desired position (against a wall for example).

Note: don't move the image itself as it's only a helper here, move the room around instead.

Note: be careful that your room's floor height remains at Z:0,00.

4. Create a new mesh (let it without material) that will be your walkable area, and rename it "wonda_navmesh".

Please remind that your navigation mesh must:

  1. be positioned above the floor

  2. must contain the spawn point located in (0:0:0);

  3. have its normals oriented in the direction of the user.

Note: if you don't set up a Navigation Mesh, the walkable area will be an infinite one. More info in the Navigation Mesh article.

5. Add a Skybox around your room or either create one following these few steps:

  • Create a sphere in the same room;

  • Scale the sphere to be all around the 3D model;

  • Create and apply a new material to this sphere;

  • Open shader editor and add a new texture with sphere projection;

  • Select a 360 image you want to use and link it to the base color node.

Step 2/2: Import your 3D room from Blender to Wonda

Once the Room is correctly prepared using Blender:

  1. Go to file > Export > glTF 2.0 (.glb/.gltf) then click "Export gtlTF 2.0";

  2. Open Wonda > Your Space > Your Experience, open up the 3D Environment library (as shown below), simply drag & drop the .glb file you just exported in the media library and select it as the 3D Environment of your Experience.
    Note: by default a default thumbnail will be created

That's it. If you need more information about Navigation Mesh, you may find them in this article: Navigation Mesh

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