Animated or not, 3D objects definitely make your experience more personal. After reading this section, you will know how to set them up, and animate them if animations are provided.

  • Before importing your 3D Room and Objects, be sure to follow the guidelines mentioned in in this article.


Wonda is thought to be yours. Indeed, you can fully customize your experience by adding your own content:

  • You can change your room and skybox

  • Import your custom content, such as Pictures, Videos and 3D objects.

NB: Animated objects are supported by Wonda, see below to implement them.

  1. Customize your Room and Skybox

    You can customize your room using Spoke or using Blender.

  2. Add your 3D Content


    • Format: .glb, .glTF

    • Max Poly count: 50k for 3D rooms and 10k for 3D models (decimate the model if needed. See how to do with Blender)

    • Max different texture count: 10

    • Max Texture Resolution: 4K. For a better global Room resolution, split the Room mesh in multiple parts, each of them can have one distinct material with one 4K texture.

    • Material number: Each exported material will create a draw call in the runtime renderer. We want to reduce the number of material as much as possible

    • Max file size: 20Mo for a 3D room and 10Mo for a 3D object

    1. To import, Simply drag and drop your object from your desktop to the 3D objects menu located in the WYSIWYG panel.

    2. If you plan to use Sketchfab Models, you should follow these instructions: Import 3D Objects from Sketchfab.

  3. Manage your 3D content, and animate it.

    You can apply all basic transforms on your 3D asset: scale, translation and rotation. You can also animate your 3D object if your file contains animation.

Now you know everything you need to deal with 3D Rooms and Objects in Wonda !

NB: if you need help, you may find information you need in our Q&A article about 3D Rooms and Objects

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