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A solution to let your Visitors retrieve the individual progress they have made easily when coming back to any experience. [Campus Plan]

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With this option, you can allow logged Visitors to save their personal progression across multiple sessions.

This can be particularly useful in the case of a long-form gamified experience. By activating Save Visitor Progression, you allow Visitors to come back at any time and continue to progress and complete their experience across multiple days.


  • This feature only works if Versioning is enabled in Advanced Publishing Options (read more)

  • This feature also works when used in conjunction with LMS connectors. This bypasses the login process for Visitors, but the progression will still be saved.

  • If your experience is public (allowing non registered Visitors to join), then Guest Visitors who are not logged-in will not be able to save their progression.


You'll need to know a few things to Save your Visitors Progression:

  1. Which progress information are saved?

    When activated, this option will save the following states when any Visitor leaves a given session:

    • their latest position in the 3D environment, or latest 360 scene

    • their viewpoint orientation (aka look at)

    • their accumulated score

    • previous quiz answers

    • the latest scene displayed on the Main Display

    • the latest state of shown/hidden annotations

    Note: the visibility of annotations and answers to quizzes are only saved in the 3D room.

  2. How to activate Save Visitor Progression?

    You can activate this option (available for Campus Plan only) for any Experience set in Single Player mode.

    To enable this option: go to [Experience Settings > Advanced], tick Enable Versioning and Save Visitor Progression then Save.

    Tips: If the option is greyed out, it may be because your experience is set in multiplayer mode. To use this feature, switch to Single Player and open the Settings again afterwards to activate it.

  3. What happens when you publish a new version?

    Save Visitor Progression works only when used in conjunction with the Versioning option.

    You need to publish your experience first before any Visitors can save their progress.

    If you make a modification to a project after sharing a public link, and choose the Option "Publish & Reset", any Visitors will be forced to reset the experience to enter.

    If you want to avoid resetting every progression, choose the option "Publish" which will only allow Visitors who come for the first time to see the changes and will not impact the experience of returning Visitors.

  4. The Reset Option

    If for any reason, a Visitor wants to start over, she can do so at any time using the “?” icon at the top right corner of their experience window.

    If a Visitor choose to do so, she will be able to start over a new session directly and reset all previously saved progress.

    Important Note: in any case, any individual session data (score etc.) remains accessible for Editors in the session logs accessible in the Experience’s Analytics Dashboard.

    If a Visitor chooses to reset their experience, all previous progress made in that experience will be lost. The experience will then reload from the beginning using the last version uploaded.

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