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RELEASE 1.16.0 (05/16/2024)

🎨 Upgraded WYSIWYG

The Editor is now much more spacious providing a much larger preview of your immersive media while keeping all the editing options accessible. You now have direct access to your experience analytics and settings.

📈AI usage analytics

You can now preview the most popular experience using AI in your hub. Additionally you can also check how many AI credits were used for each of those experiences.

🦸‍♂ Beta access to GPT-4o

Following OpenAI latest release of the GPT-4o LLM model, we have already started testing the new model and the early results are promising: the speed and quality of the responses are outstanding compared to GPT 3.5.

Contact us for an early access to the latest version of OpenAI flagship model.

RELEASE 1.15.0 (01/16/2024)

💬 Improved Chat User Interface

More vibrant colours & better contrasts for a better chat experience.

📊 Export analytics as CSV file

You can now export session logs and key analytics directly in CSV format.

Other Improvements

  • Pico 4 & Quest 3 controllers support

  • AI settings UI improvements on LMS and small screens

  • 3D performance improvements

  • Ability to access product documentation directly in the experience Editor

  • No more emails sent for experience creations & deletion

Bugs fixes

  • Videos can’t be used as action trigger anymore, resolving a conflict with controls

  • Fix overlapping tooltips

RELEASE 1.13.0 (09/22/2023)

🧭 Annotation list to quickly find your content

You can now see all the annotations in your scene by using this new panel under each scene name. This allows you to easily select and retrieve hidden or overlapping content.

🤹 Improved gizmo for easier editing

To make the room editing easier we have also improved the 3d gizmo which now allows you to translate, rotate or scale annotations more easily. And yes you can now rescale quizzes as well!

RELEASE 1.12.7 (07/05/2023)

🌤️ Edit the Skybox on the Fly

Starting from now the skybox is no longer part of the 3d model, meaning that you can easily change the skybox (aka landscape or background) of your environment. Using Blockade Labs generative AI skybox creation tool, you can create one instantly!

✉️ Easier email invite

Small thing but handy when you need to invite a group to your Space or Hub: just copy and paste multiple emails at once from a spreadsheet and you are good to go!

🔒 Lock user position in 3D room

In some cases, you may want to lock the position of your visitors so they can look around but not move around the environment. Using the “Lock” user’s position option you can do so and make your experirence more accessible for newcomers.

🤖AI improvement (private beta)

We are working hard on making Wonda AI upcoming features available to everyone, including:

  • Detailed analytics and logs about the AI interactions during any session.

  • New multilingual voices with our partner Eleven labs.

  • ChatGTP Turbo 16K allows handling more complex prompts for the same character.

Bug Fixes

  • Teleport in 360 scenes should not occurs anymore

  • Click on mobile after a quiz hides now works as expected

  • iPhone support for video is now fixed, both for live and VOD

  • In multiplayer the user name is not displayed backward anymore

  • Some users used to appear duplicated in user list, this is now fixed

  • Changing scene while sharing the screen no longer produce glitches

  • On multiplayer experiences other participants can now restart quizzes

RELEASE 1.12.3 (06/07/2023)

📊 New Analytics Dashboard

We have made a major update in your Analytics Dashboard. You can now see insights about your organization’s Hub (Admin only) including monthly visitors, most active creators and the list of experiences that are trending.

We have also updated the existing experiences analytics with a new design and a brand new ”Visitors” tab to check score and completion data.

RELEASE 1.12.0 (04/26/2023)

🖥️ Movable Main Display

With this new update, you can easily move and rotate the main display to the position that suits you best. Additionally, you can adjust the Main Display size to make it either a smaller or much larger screen.

For instance, when creating a movie theater, you may want to position the Main Display on the big screen and let users enter the experience at a distance, allowing them to see the screen from far away.

🌐 CSV Script Export/Import for Proofreading & Translation

With this new feature, you can easily proofread all the text content of any given experience in a single CSV file. What's more, you can edit or translate your content and import it back into the experience to replace the original content. Learn more

Available for Essential & Campus mode

📊 Analytics Dashboard Upgrade for Better Insights

With this update you can now filter data on a specific time range to get more relevant metrics on your projects.

There is also a new set of engagement metrics to provide better insights on how much your visitors engage with your content. You can now easily inspect which parts and content of your experience generates most attention and identify the ones which require improvements.

📒 Versioning: Publish Only When You are Ready

Editing an experience that has already been shared with your audience can be risky, especially if users are currently engaged in the experience. However, for all single player experiences, you can now enable a feature that allows you to edit the experience in draft mode and publish only when your content is ready. Learn more

Available for Campus Plans only

⏳ Let Your Visitors Save their Progress

Allow returning visitors in single player experience to pick up where they left off. This is particularly useful for learning experiences that span multiple sessions and are designed to be completed over time. Learn more

Available for Campus Plans only

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed gyroscope on Android devices

RELEASE 1.11.0 (03/20/2023)

🇪🇺 European Servers

We have opened new servers in Europe to comply with GDPR and specific requirements regarding server location in the region. Our privacy policy has been updated accordingly.

RELEASE 1.10.7 & 1.10.8 (01/10/2023)

📱Devices restrictions

You can now decide on which devices your experience is available, if it's not optimized for mobile or VR you can decide to disable this in the settings.

Other Improvements

  • 3D animated objects are now easier to select and their impact on performance is now way lighter.

  • The video player is now way cleaner and disappear when you are not using it, allowing you to read subtitle for example

Bug Fixes

  • Ability to quickly edit many annotations

  • Better avatar handling in case of loading error

  • Space poster editing is now fixed

  • Quiz hover effect is now fixed

**Other Announcements: ✨Generative AI**

We are excited to share we have made significant headway in integrating generative AI into Wonda, starting with a brand new set of features to generate highly engaging and customisable conversations.

RELEASE 1.10.6 (12/15/2022)


- Ability to replace 3d objects the same way you would do for images & videos

- Slightly shorter black fade-in that should remove the loader in most 360 scenes

- New beta features available for some partners

RELEASE 1.10.5 (11/15/2022)

🎞️ Improved video controls

Ability to loop or disable the controls for any video scene, in 2D or in 360

Other improvements

- Order annotation by alphabetical order in show/hide panel

- Annotation in 2D scenes can now be moved without selecting them first

Bug Fixes

- Fix copy paste in same scene type (2D/2D or 360/360)

- Fix Wolvic and Firefox Reality multiplayer access for some VR devices

- Fix annotation display for some VR devices

- Fix default volume display for section & scenes

- Fix duplicated users in admin list

- Resize of video in 360 scene

RELEASE 1.10.3 (11/15/2022)

🚦 Multiplayer Limits

Multiplayer Limitations are now live and activated for each plan types.

As a reminder, Wonda offers up to 50 simultaneous participants in any sessions for the Campus Plan, 15 for the Essentials Plan, and 5 for the Free Plan.

Other Improvement

  • Up to 15 actions can now be added to a single annotation

RELEASE 1.10.2 (11/08/2022)

✂️ Shortcuts & Undo/Redo

Improve your productivity with these new editing shortcuts for any objects or annotations in your experience:

  • Undo/redo any action in a scene with ctrl/cmd + z and ctrl/cmd + y

  • Copy/paste any annotation with with ctrl/cmd + c and ctrl/cmd + v

  • Delete any annotation with backspace

  • Move in the room with WASD (QWERTY keyboard) or ZQSD (AZERTY keyboard)

  • Change the color of the drawing pen with C

Other Improvements

  • Pico 3 browser is now supported

  • Confirmation is now required only for irreversible actions

  • Q and E don’t rotate the avatar anymore

RELEASE 1.10 (10/04/2022)

🦸‍♂️ Multi Actions

You were waiting for them, they are now available! You can trigger several actions from a single hotspot or quiz. You can now build more advanced learning scenarios or build even more creative escape games. You can now stack actions for any annotation, on the Main Display or anywhere within your 3D room.

Other Improvement

It is now possible to increment score points when you click on an annotation even if no action is attached to it.

RELEASE 1.9.5 (09/28/2022)

💫 Improved Texts

Any text block is now significantly easier and comfortable to read in VR and on any other devices. In addition, you can now create fully customizable text blocks in your 3D environments!

Other Improvement

We have improved our integration with Kaltura by making it easier to find your Kaltura media in Wonda (last edited media are shown first).

RELEASE 1.9.4 (07/28/2022)

🎬 New 3D Videos Controls Settings

You can now change the volume, autoplay and/or remove the controls on videos too. And you can also use the loop option (new!) to make the video loop indefinitely.

🔦 Activate the Backlight Effect by Default

You can now activate the backlight effect by default in your experience (or disable the option all together). With this new setting, you can now preview the backlight effect directly in the Editor.

📂 Move one Experience to Any Space

It’s now possible for administrators to move an experience to another Space using the "move" option. (available for Essentials & Campus plan only).

👨‍🚀 Check your 3D Content Performance at a Glimpse

When you upload a 3D room or a 3D object you will now see a new panel showing if the model fits with our suggested guidelines.

Misc Improvements

- We improved the security for the Kaltura integration - you can now set different app tokens for the editor and the player

- We now support Draco and ktx2 compression - allow lighter 3D objects

- 3D performances improvements, especially on media gallery

Bug Fixes

- fallback text for experiences made by a removed user

- fallback if the mic or speaker source is changed during a session (headphone removed for example)

- edit section with right click is now fixed

- "look at" bug when edited multiple times is now fixed

- bugs about teleport in desktop are now fixed

- duplicated links that sometime behave strangely are now fixed

- overlap between continue & restart buttons is now fixed

- user list in admin panel now work on any resolution

RELEASE 1.9.1 (05/05/2022)

🏠 New Virtual Environment: The TeamSpace

Discover The TeamSpace, a new environment designed to offer an aerial and bright atmosphere to energize your Team Weekly's and Project Presentations.
To explore this new location, simply create a new Experience and choose it from our Template Gallery.

🏄 3D Animation Support

Bring life to your experience by adding animations in your scene. For each 3D model with multiple animations you can now choose the one you want to play.

🌟 Hotspots Update

Enjoy a new list of hotspots, available in 2D and 360 scenes and now even in 3D environment. Would you like to see another icon in that list? Just leave us a comment!

🎓 LTI Support for Blackboard

We are improving our LTI integration, it was already working with several LMS such as Moodle or Canvas, now we also support Blackboard!
Learn more here.

Misc Improvement & Bug Fixes

  • Stability improvements in multiplayer experiences

  • SSO fix and improvement (logout url now available)

  • In Kaltura tab now display media where you are co-publisher

RELEASE 1.9.0 (29/03/2022)

🌓 Backlight Effect (beta)

You can now dim the lights and illuminate any media in the room at any time using the Backlight Effect. It provides a very effective and natural way to focus the attention of your attendees while bringing a beautiful atmosphere to your 3D environment.

And yes it does work on desktop, mobile and in VR!

🌟 Easy Import any 3D Objects & Environments

Adding 3d models in Wonda is now way easier: you can now import your 3D object in .gltf format (the default export from Sketchfab) and drag & drop them in Wonda. No need to convert to .glb or to generate a thumbnail manually, it’s handled automatically!

🚀 Performance Boost

We made several improvements under the hood, compared to last month the loading time has been drastically reduced and is now 2x faster or more. This improvement is clearly noticeable in multiplayer mode and when lots of assets need to be loaded.

🐵 Blender Support

We have updated our recommended 3D environment import workflow so you do not need to use Spoke anymore. You can now use Blender instead (or any 3D editing software) to set your spawn point, navmesh, and lighting.

Misc Improvement & Bug Fixes

  • Manipulation of 3D annotation is now much more ergonomic in the Editor

  • You can now snap when you scale a 2D annotation or on a snap zones

  • Autoplay on startup screen will only trigger the ambient sound (media with autoplay will wait for you to enter in the room)

  • Fix of a glitch on transparent background in main display

  • Fix Spoke generated skybox being hidden in some experiences

  • Small UI improvements

RELEASE 1.8.5 (02/03/2021)

🧲 Align Media Easily using Snap Zones

In both the 3D room and the 2D scenes you can now align elements precisely with one another one.

🌟 Cards & Score Cards in 3D Environment

You can now add Cards and Score Cards directly in your 3D environment.

👀 Personalized Loading Screen

The default black background of the loading screen has been replaced by the poster image of your experience to make it more personal.

Misc & bugs fixes

  • The default size of the quiz and cards are now more readable in a 360 scene

  • You now need to select an element to move it to prevent unwanted edits

  • Editor loading time should be faster in heavy experiences

  • Z-fight should be less visible in all 3D rooms

  • Images with a too high resolution can't be uploaded anymore

  • Screen share is not distorted anymore if you share a part of your screen only

  • Some error messages have been fixed

RELEASE 1.8.4 (12/16/2021)

🧲 Snap Zones to Quickly Layout Your Media

When building a virtual gallery, it was previously tricky to align photos and videos vertically. This is now a thing of the past: add one or multiple Snap Zones anywhere in your environment from the Editor and start snapping any media instantly.

🤼 Group Quizzes for Escape Games and More!

When adding a quiz, you can now choose the option to share feedback and score points to the whole team during any Multiplayer sessions. It can be useful for presenters to show the correct answers or to build an escape game where everyone can see the unlocked clues.

🐋 Big Screen

If you are in a large room and plan to host many people at the same time, you can now increase the size of the main display so everyone can enjoy the content! You just have to adjust a slider in the editor.

Misc & bugs fixes

  • Visitors with "learner" status can now trigger show/hide action (Multiplayer Mode)

  • To move locked annotation in the Editor you now need to select them first

  • Small bug fix on report for free input quizzes (Multiplayer Mode)

  • Audio triggered by a presenter will now play for all participants (Multiplayer Mode)

RELEASE 1.8.2 (11/23/2021)

🕶 Refreshed Logo & Player UI

All the main icons are now cleaner and more consistent with each other.

🎨 Scorecard & Card Custom Colors

You could already edit the quiz design, now you can match the color, font & size for the card & scorecard annotations too.

Misc & bugs fixes

  • Rotation is now way easier to handle on editor

  • Fix a bug when you invite & kick a user from a space several times

RELEASE 1.8.1 (11/10/2021)
🎨 Quiz Custom Colors

You can now edit the font, font-size and color of each quiz in 2D and in 3D.

📡 Kaltura Live Support (beta)

This beta feature allows you to livestream video from Kaltura, you can now gather to see live events together.

🔓 Lock Annotations Directly from the Editor

Misc & bugs fixes

  • Fix LMS SHA-256 option

  • Fix SCORM 2004 version

  • Fix Validate button on 2D quiz

  • You can't select elements through walls in the editor anymore

RELEASE 1.8.0 - Fall update (10/2/2021)
🚀 Any Annotation in your 3D room Becomes Interactive

You can now trigger the following actions from any annotation in the 3D room:

- Link to Webpage / Scene / Experience

- Show/Hide any other annotation

- Play Sound

To edit these interactions, go to the editor to add and select any annotation (image, video, 3D object, Quiz) in the 3D room, change its position and rotation and choose your desired interaction.

✏️ Free Input Quiz

You can now create a free input quiz where users are prompted to input text or numbers to validate an answer. You can also define a custom feedback if the answer is correct or wrong and allow the user to “restart”.

⚙️ Interactive Quiz Options

You can now trigger interactions on any quiz (single answer or free input) based on user’s answer:

- Link to Webpage / Scene / Experience

- Show/Hide any other annotation

- Play Sound

You can also translate or adapt the default button texts (“Restart”, “Continue”, “Validate”).

Misc & Bugs Fixes

  • Editor screen is now bigger for easier editing

  • You can invite any user to join a specific Space (admin only)

  • Fixed a bug when image with transparency was not correctly displayed

  • Fixed "Seek to Current Time" option

  • Fixed drag & drop image in 3D view

RELEASE 1.7.8 (08/10/2021)

🌐 360 Photo/video Editing Template

When starting a full 360 project you can now start with a 360 only template, this will hide all the content related to 3D. And if you want to create both 3D and 360 content you can of course use both of them in the regular templates.

🔑 Admin Deletion Right

Hub administrators can now remove Space or Experience, even if they are not the creator of the content.

RELEASE 1.7.7 (7/15/2021)

🏄🏻 Improved Desktop Navigation​

On desktop and mobile you can navigate just by clicking on the floor. ←↑→ keys are still available of course.

📍Better Orientation​

In editor pages you will notice a new breadcrumb to navigate across Spaces and Settings.

👥 Better User Management

  • In general settings (admin only) you can search for specific users to change permissions

  • If you don’t want a user to have access to your space anymore you can also revoke his access.

🔎 3d Scene Preview​

​Preview your 3D Room annotations directly in the Experience editor. Coming soon: add interaction on spatial annotations!

RELEASE 1.7.6 (7/6/2021)

Scoring Report with LTI

  • Support for scoring and progression report directly in your LMS. This is compatible with the current LTI 1.1 integration.

New Templates

  • New templates are now available Art Gallery and Mars Base.

  • Improved display for templates selection.

Chat History in VR

  • Chat history is now visible for VR users too: if a participant shares a link to a website you can now open it like any desktop or mobile users.

Direct XP to XP transition

  • When in Multiplayer mode, transitions between two experiences don't require to select an avatar anymore if you already picked one in the first scene.

Multiplayer Safari support (experimental)

  • Safari on Desktop is now working for multi experience too. Note that due to some limitations we still recommend Chrome or Firefox for an optimal experience.

RELEASE 1.7.4 & 1.7.5 (5/19/2021)

Some changes under the hood: we updated our 3D engine which should lead to performance and stability improvements.

RELEASE 1.7.3 (5/3/2021)

[optimize output image]

Improved UI

  • New default poster for a better first experience

  • New render for media with slightly rounder border and some thickness

  • Avatar's nametag is now cleaner, speaking animation is also more natural

Behavior Change

  • when an element is locked, you can't remove it anymore, avoiding unwanted removals

  • On desktop you can now look around even if you start to drag on a locked element

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a SCORM export issue

  • Fix an issue on sleep mode with VR headsets

RELEASE 1.7.2 (4/19/2021)

New Improvements

  • You can now login to your Organization's Hub using your company SSO (more information about SSO here)

  • You can login directly on the Experience's Main Poster

Bug fixes

  • Some edge cases on transition between scenes are now fixed

RELEASE 1.7.1 (4/1/2021)

Improved Avatars (powered by

  • More natural head and neck movements relative to avatar shoulders

  • Avatars now have hands matching the selected skin color of your avatar

  • New default avatars available

  • New avatar preview screen with interactive facial expressions

Improved navigation flow across different Experiences in multiplayer sessions. More info.

  • In the editor you can now create a link directly to another experience

  • As a learner or guest, I’m notified if the presenter jump to another scene and I can follow him

Microsoft Edge Support

  • The new Edge browser is now supported by Spaces

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug on the Quiz when redirection link is set to same scene

RELEASE 1.7 (3/24/2021)

New Chat Feature

  • A Chat is now available for all users in Multiplayer Experiences.

  • Everyone can share a message on the spot on desktop and mobile

  • It’s persistent meaning messages can be retrieved throughout all sessions in the same Experience

  • Coming Soon: Pin any text or link in the Room as a spatial annotation, write and get an historic of all messages in VR

Bug Fixes & Misc

  • Faster launch of Experience embedded in an LMS via LTI by bypassing the first poster screen

  • Custom Look At is now valid on all scenes, including when the Experience starts with a 360 Scene

  • Fixed a bug when the FOV was different in the Editor and the player, resulting in annotations with inaccurate position

  • Fixed a bug when scene ambient sound could continue playback on other scenes

RELEASE 1.6.8 (3/10/2021)

Bug fixes

  • Participants of a Multiplayer session who are AFK are no more visible in 360 scenes

  • Fixed an issue when avatars were not updated when coming back on Poster

  • Fixed an issue when toasters were displayed multiple times

  • Fixed an issue when participant’s heads were displayed in the floor

RELEASE 1.6.7 (3/2/2021)


  • The Media Gallery is displayed closer to the user in a 3D Room on desktop

  • You can now choose if a link to an external website is opened in the current tab or in a new browser tab.


  • Superimposed Annotations are now correctly displayed (no more visual conflict)

  • Ambient sound on section is now correctly playback and stop when switching to a new section

  • Text in the Outline is now correctly displayed in VR

  • Meeting with 10+ participants was causing some UI issues in the users’s connected panel

RELEASE 1.6.6 (2/22/2021)

Jump to another experience and external website in multiplayer session

  • In a Multiplayer session, Presenters and Learners can open a link to another experience or to an external website independently from other participants

  • New target link is opened in the same tab as the current session on all devices

  • When users trigger a link, they are invited to confirm if they want to leave or stay the current session

Better look and feel for transitions

  • Transition between all scenes (including the switch from 360 to 3D Environnement) is smoother and quicker

  • Added new information about loading on the Experience Splashscreen

  • Removed spinner on black transition between scenes

User Interface Misc Improvements

  • Sharing Options and New Space creation UI refinement

  • Added a new loader for all Analytics pages


  • Username is now correctly retrieved via LTI connexion

  • Users are now listed in the user list of a multiplayer session only after they pass the Poster step.

  • Video synchronization’s bug in multiplayer session is now fixed

  • Spaces are now correctly ordered by last modifications

  • Laser pointer in VR is longer to improve the precision when interacting with annotations

  • Fixed an issue when users had not the same FOV when coming back to the 3D environment from a 360 scene

RELEASE 1.6.5 (2/1/2021)

Access Improvements

  • New short-link available in the Sharing Options

  • Share the new short-link on Slack or Teams to display a summary of the Experience and its code to quickly launch in VR


  • Fixed an issue when ambient sound was not played on some devices

  • Fixed a performance issue when deleting a Spatial Annotation from the Media Gallery

  • Fixed an issue with intercom messenger that could prevent the platform to load correctly

RELEASE 1.6.4 (1/18/2021)

New VR Access

  • We added a new code for each Experience so you can access it on multiple devices in one click. More info.

Quicker Hub Access

  • We understood that inviting people by batch was requiring too much time, so we added a new Invitation URL so anyone can join your Hub without admins intervention.

  • This invitation link can be shared anywhere and allow anyone to create an account to join your Hub. More info.


  • Added an error message on the splashscreen when the Experience can’t be loaded

  • Fixed an issue when it was not possible to interact with annotations on mobile

  • Default avatar Poster improvement in VR headsets

  • Analytics Dashboard wording improvements


RELEASE 1.6.3 (12/15/2020)

Editor & Player Improvements

  • In a Multiplayer session, you can now access all media of the Space where the Experience is located, including media uploaded by others.

  • Template picker fine tuning

  • Avatar 3D texture optimisation

  • New UI when selecting a spatial annotation

New Admin Settings

  • We added the number of user seat available by paying plan in the Hub Admin settings

  • All logged-in users or anonymous viewing an Experience are now seen as visitors in the Hub Analytics Dashboard

RELEASE 1.6.2 (12/7/2020)

Editor & Player Improvements

  • Added a higher encoding profile (3360p) for uploaded 360 images

  • New tooltips on UI in the player including “go back to editor” UI for First User Experience

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug when quizzes were not displayed correctly

  • Fix a bug when ambient sounds were generating an echo in multiplayer sessions

  • Fix a bug with unwanted avatar rotation when switching between 2D Scenes

  • Fix bad colours rendering on Oculus Quest 2 UI

RELEASE 1.6.1 (11/25/2020)

Editor & Player UI Improvements

  • New Space view for a quicker access to your Experiences

  • New Sharing Settings

  • Better special characters support

  • When duplicating a scene of your Presentation in the Editor, the new scene is added right after the original scene instead of being the last Scene in the Section

  • Hands are no more visible in Oculus Browser after 2 seconds of inactivity

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a z-index conflict on the main display that was resulting in visual glitches

  • Fixed a bug when spatial annotations were selectable from 360 Scenes

  • Fixed a bug when the first move in a 3D Room was a “jump”

  • Fixed a bug when the same video was used for both 2D Scene and 2D annotations

  • Fixed a bug when users were not able to mute or unmute when coming back from an unstable multiplayer session

Edge Support (beta)

You can try Microsoft Edge browser (beta) for editing and exploring your Experiences by adding &ignore_device=true at the end of the URL (for example:

RELEASE 1.6 (11/4/2020)

New Templates Picker

  • Creating a new Experience has never been easier using our two new templates for meetings or virtual tours.

New Single / Multiplayer mode

  • Each experience can be launched in either Single Player mode (i.e., a self-guided virtual tour, branching scenario, etc.,) or in Multiplayer mode (i.e., a remote synchronous meeting with others.)

  • Toggle the desired mode from the editor and your Experience link will be instantly updated

New 2D and 360 image encoding

  • Upload any image without being worried about its size or resolution, we will handle it for you.

  • We will ensure that the best resolution of your images will be used depending on the device

Miscellaneous Editor & player UI Improvements

  • New Hand cursor UI in the player

  • Quick access to help center from within the platform

  • Add “all my media” tab by default in the editor

  • Hide Chat module in the editor

  • UI tweaks for better viewing on 13’ laptop


  • Fixed a bug where the user avatar icon was broken in the platform

  • Fixed a bug where the Presentation screen was pixelated in the editor

  • Fixed a problem where scrolling down was blocked in the platform

RELEASE 1.5.9 (10/28/2020)

Miscellaneous Player UI Improvements

  • Splash screen: improved the UX of the loading screen

  • Co-viewing Poster: removed transparency on avatar preview and refined wording for users who already set up an avatar

  • Pen mode is now only available for Presenters and a new notification was added to let them know how to quit the pen mode (by pressing ‘esc’ on desktop keyboard)

  • Player UI: the presentation scene’s name is no longer displayed unless Arrow Navigation is activated in the Experience Settings

  • Number of participants in a co-viewing session is directly visible without having to deploy the connected users panel

  • Experience title is displayed closer to the main presenter screen

  • The current Presentation’s scene is now highlighted in the Presentation outline

  • The avatars of both Desktop and VR users now have the same height in an Experience, even if a VR user is sitting down

  • New microphone position on desktop

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where custom name of anonymous participants were not displayed in the user panel or in the new joiner notification

  • Fixed an issue with wrong thumbnail ratio in media library

RELEASE 1.5.8 (10/21/2020)

Co-Viewing Improvements

  • Quicker access to Co-Viewing sessions by activating microphone on the first poster screen

  • Highlight edit button to customise avatar for new users

  • Notify users when a bad internet connection is identified and sessions might not worked as expected

Better management of deleted media

  • You can now delete photos, videos and 3D objects directly in the media gallery when opening it in the 3D Room

  • We added a new “broken link” icon which is shown instead of any deleted media used in your experiences

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed video streaming issues on iPhone (1.3.7+ versions)

  • Fixed a bug when users were spawned into the floor when an Oculus Quest is connected via Oculus Link

  • Made the reticle change color when hovering annotations in 3D Room

  • Video annotations in the 3D Room are paused when switching to 360 content

  • Fixed a bug when logged users were asked to login again to access the Editor

  • Fixed a bug when users joining a Co-Viewing session in VR were not able to see the screen shared by another user

RELEASE 1.5.7 (9/29/2020)

Co-Viewing & Room Customization Improvements

  • Updated UI to make screen-sharing more convenient

  • New toaster message for newly joined participants so they know how to move in the 3D Room

  • New UI in the editor to show how to customize the 3D Room in the player

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with annotations that were falling down after scaling them up or down

  • Fixed an issue where pointers were not displayed when hovering dynamic annotations

  • Fixed possible conflicts when participants were sharing their screens

  • Fixed an issue where the “Presentation is displayed here” message was also displayed on top of experience scenes in the editor

  • Fixed an issue where dynamic annotations were interactive in solo sessions

RELEASE 1.5.6 (9/24/2020)

  • Fixed an issue when analytics were not available in the internal dashboard

  • Fixed an issue with annotations rendering in 360 scenes

  • Fixed an issue when experiences loading were stuck at 40% on macOS Big Sur

  • Fixed an issue when the scenes can't be loaded if annotations located inside were deleted

RELEASE 1.5.5 (9/16/2020)

Important performances improvements

  • All annotations (photos, videos and 3D models) added in a 3D Room are now pre-loaded before entering the Experience

  • Textures on annotations are optimised depending on devices so the experience runs much better in VR (less FPS drops)

Fix Audio echo

  • There are no more audio echo in co-viewing sessions when playing back video annotations or 360 video content

More stable co-viewing session

  • We’re now using a new premium service to manage networking in co-viewing sessions. As a result, they’re more stable. It is available for all trial and paid plans.

3D Room Rendering

  • Import room with lightmap for a better rendering.

RELEASE 1.5.4 (8/31/2020)

New Streaming encoding

  • We developed a new adaptive streaming solution for faster and better video streams on all devices

New performances improvements

  • Improved the performances when multiple video annotations are in a 3D room

  • Improved performance on solo experiences with 3D annotations


  • Anonymous can generate their own avatars

  • Bugfix: Fix a bug when scene names were displayed out of the outline in VR

RELEASE 1.5.2 (8/19/2020)

New Improvements

  • Updated the speed in VR so users can move more slowly and avoid potential motion sickness

  • Added a new parameter URL option to identify and check fps and other useful performance values as well as the possibility to delete corrupted or deleted annotations in the 3D Room. Add "&debug=true" at the end of your project URL to try it out.

  • Simplified login access with SSO

  • Reduced default FOV on desktop to avoid "wide-angle" effect

  • Increased streaming buffer size from 4s to 10s

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when user's orientation was not always good with Firefox Reality web browser

  • Fixed a bug when the outline links to scenes were not active in VR

  • Fixed a bug when 360 images may not be displayed sharply

RELEASE (7/23/2020)


  • Fix an issue when teleport on desktop was only possible in one direction

  • Fix an issue with video annotation controls that were displayed when clicking on play / pause or on the video timeline

RELEASE 1.5 (7/16/2020)

New collaborative feature for co-viewing session

  • All participants can now select a pen and draw on any objects, whiteboard or walls.

  • All logged-in users can add dynamic annotations (3D objects, videos or images) on the fly from their media gallery into the 3D Room

  • Each dynamic annotation is persistent by default and can be located anywhere in the 3D Room. Logged-in users can lock and delete them.

Audio improvement

  • Fix a voice echo issue when using Google Chrome on a desktop without headphones (coming next: cancel echo for video and sound playback as well)

RELEASE 1.4.12 (7/8/2020)

Continuous Audio

  • Added the possibility to play a continuous audio throughout a Section in your experience to enhance the user’s immersion. More info


  • Custom name chosen by participants on the Co-viewing poster is displayed next to their official account names in the internal analytics dashboard

  • Removed the new joiner music jingle

  • Lower the audio volume of dynamic annotation in the 3D Room

  • Fix a bug when hidden quiz in the editor was still visible

RELEASE 1.4.11 (6/29/2020)


  • New UI in the player on desktop


  • Fix a bug when corrupted ambient sound was preventing to launch an experience

  • Fix a bug with Oculus Go touchpad that was not recognised

RELEASE 1.4.10 (6/19/2020)


  • You can now preview and change the 3D Room directly in the Experience’s Editor

3D Room import

  • When importing a new 3D room (.glb), you can now add a .png or .jpg as thumbnail - no need to name it “thumbnail.jpg” anymore!


  • Fix a bug when participants deleted from the Hub settings were still displayed in the Space list

RELEASE 1.4.9 (6/17/2020)

Bug Fixes

  • VR App Build (for Go, Quest, Pico G2 and Neo 2): Fixed a bug when experience could stuck in a grey screen at launch

  • Analytics: Fixed a bug when “null users” were displayed instead of the name of the participants

RELEASE 1.4.8 (5/28/2020)

Better annotations display

  • Images are now displayed in a 3D environment with reduced aliasing effect

Player Update

  • We added a new option to jump back directly into the Experience Editor from the player.

Editor Bugfix

  • Fixed a bug when annotation's properties were not saved correctly

RELEASE 1.4.7 (5/13/2020)

WebXR Support

  • You can launch again VR Experiences in Oculus Browser 9+ version

  • Compatible with Oculus Quest and Go

RELEASE 1.4.6-sf (5/7/2020)

General bug fixes

  • Fix a bug when links on annotations were deactivated in 360 scenes

  • Fix a bug when annotations became bigger at each rollover

RELEASE 1.4.6 (4/1/2020)

Screen Sharing in Multi-Users sessions

  • You can now share your screen with all participants using Google Chrome or Firefox web browser

  • Screen Sharing is no longer overlayed on a 2D Scene for a better visibility 


  • Added the ‘Metropolis’ Font in the editor

  • Made the experience name bolder in the player

General bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug when co-viewing sessions were not correctly synchronised if microphones were muted

  • Fixed a bug when 2D scenes were considered as 360° in the editor 

RELEASE 1.4.5 (3/24/2020)

Microsoft SSO support

  • You can now use your Microsoft login credentials to create an account on Wonda


  • Participants’ names turn bold in the connected user panel when they’re talking

  • You can now use the joystick to easily rotate in a 360° media (without having to rotate your head IRL) 

General bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where LTI connexion was not working with a specific LMS

  • Fixed the Spaces ordering in ‘Latest’ category of the Hub home page

  • Fixed SSO Settings minor style

RELEASE 1.4.4 (3/18/2020)

Co-Viewing Improvements

  • New animations for speech interactions to identify speakers: avatars’ heads scale up and names are highlighted in the user panel when someone is talking.

  • New visual and sound UI to know who has just joined and who has just left a room. 

General bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the player was returning an encoding error when trying to playback 8K format

RELEASE 1.4.3 (3/4/2020)

Streaming Improvements

  • Added a new encoding profile of 1920p resolution (4K) with a bitrate of 18Mbs 

  • Added a new encoding profile of 1440p resolution (3K) with a bitrate of 8Mbs

  • Deleted the lower encoding profile (1080p with a bitrate of 2Mbs)

UI & UX Improvements

  • New UI and optimised performances when switching between two 360° media to get a shorter black transition

  • Visual feedback to know which scenes have been visited by decreasing opacity on annotation with links already selected by users 

  • New UI to enter in VR in a quicker and a more efficient way

  • New UI to enter fullscreen on desktop, mobile & tablet

Performance improvement

  • Deactivated physics in the 3D Room when there is no interactive object


  • You can now search media by ID

  • Youtube videos are no longer shown in the Kaltura gallery in the platform

General bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug when the experience was stuck at 60% on the splashscreen if incorrect values were filled in the LMS settings

  • Fixed a style bug when logging in with SSO

  • Fixed a bug when the splash screen was displaying a black screen if the experience was set to private

RELEASE 1.4.2 (2/7/2020)

Streaming Improvements

  • Quicker switch to the best quality by with a smaller buffer

  • Target the highest quality for 360 scene videos in VR players and in preview

  • Target average quality for 2D videos scenes and annotation 

Performance Improvements for low and medium headsets like Oculus GO or Pico G2

  • Deactivated physically based shader (material) and used mobile optimised shader

  • Set low precision shader

  • Set a Foveation level 3

  • Deactivated Physics

  • Deactivated avatar Networking (as a consequence, users can’t see each other manipulate a 3D object in a 3D Room when using an Oculus GO)

IBM Live video

  • The loader UI was not displayed when an IBM Live video was actually loaded

  • Warning Message UI was not displayed when an IBM Live video was not loaded correctly

General bug fixes

  • Fix a bug when a link to an external website is set in an experience, the VR browser was crashing 

  • Fix a bug when a quiz was hidden, users were able to click on it

  • Fix a bug when the controller was invisible on Oculus GO with Oculus Browser 8.0.3

  • In a Co-Viewing session, If the first scene of the experience was a video, video sync events were not received correctly

  • Accentuated characters were not displayed in the outline

  • On Pico headset, in the Wonda app, sometimes the controller stopped working when coming back after sleep mode


RELEASE 1.4.1 (12/11/2019). More info.

New Hub view to access easily to your own content and your teammates content

  • Latest: Have a quick look on the 5 more recent Spaces of your Hub.

  • My Spaces: See only Spaces you’re participating to.

  • All: See all Spaces that belong to your Hub and quickly request access to the Space you're interested in.

IBM Live video

  • Added iOS support

RELEASE 1.3.3 (11/20/2019)

Co-Viewing Improvements

  • Better display of the Control Panel

  • Better audio behaviour when coming back from sleep mode in VR headset

  • New outline UI and better speed to navigate between sections and scenes

  • Better username management

  • 3D Rooms lighting have been improved for optimal performances

RELEASE 1.3.2 (11/05/2019)

Co-Viewing Improvements

  • Smoother avatar head rotation and position

  • Participant’s pointers are located more accurately 


  • Experiences are now ordered by creation date


  • Editor: Fixed an issue when multiple scenes were selected at the same time in the outline

  • Editor: Fixed an issue when hotspot annotations were not correctly copied from a 360 scene to a 2D Scene

  • Editor: Fixed an issue when annotations were not correctly removed in preview mode

  • Media Library: Fixed an issue when a lot of media files were available, it was not possible to scroll down anymore

RELEASE 1.3 (10/23/2019)

Co-Viewing Session Improvements

  • New co-viewing poster with options to edit user name, choose from 6 avatars in a visual carousel and see how many people have joined the co-viewing session

  • Users can now have multiple sessions at the same time

  • Access to the microphone is stored so you don’t have to grant access every time you enter into a co-viewing session

  • New control panel UI designed for better VR and Desktop experience

  • New options to mute and unmute your own mic or other participants

Custom Room Improvements

  • You can now upload rooms with 3D objects imported from Spoke in .glb format

  • New Room medialibrary UI


  • Better Kaltura integration with options to choose the email prefix as the user ID

  • Display the experience metadatas (name, description and poster) when you share the public experience link on third party platform like Slack


  • Editor: Fix an issue when video scene source was not correctly updated from the property panel

  • Editor: Fix broken links to the help center

RELEASE 1.2.2 (9/27/2019)


  • Player: Fixed a bug that prevented fade-in on annotations

  • Player: Fixed a bug that distorted straight lines in 360 photos and videos

  • Editor: Fixed a bug that did not display the correct duration of video annotations (always 00:00:00)

  • Editor: Fixed a bug that did not apply opacity on hotspots.

  • Editor: Fixed a bug that did not save correctly sections and scenes order.


  • Editor: In the medialibrary, the media are sorted from the most recent to the oldest

  • Editor: Move a scene from a section to another

  • SSO Player: A few improvement on SAML & LTI integration

RELEASE 1.2 (8/28/2019)

New Analytics dashboard. More info

  • Built-in analytics Dashboard for your Hub, Spaces and Experiences

  • New Traffic charts for a specific period, top browsers, top OS, link source and quiz answers

  • New session tracking

  • New users tracking (tracked + anonymous)

LMS integration improvement. More info

  • Export for LRS using xAPI connector

  • LTI settings are now available for Hub admin only


  • Increase video default quality streamed by the player

  • I can seek to current time when I change scene (for multicam experiences for example)

  • I can delete a room from the "My Rooms" window


  • 2D annotation videos were not displayed in Firefox

  • Controllers were not visible in the latest version of Firefox Reality (Vive Focus)

  • Open Imlab Hub may resulted in an empty Space list

  • Fix a display issue with image overlap

  • Fix an issue when "activate sound" message is displayed on top of 2D video and prevent navigation in the 360 scene

  • Image annotations and texts were not shown in the player

  • Fix a display issue with transparent PNG image overlap

  • Invitation notification displayed an "expired invitation" text when joining a new Space

RELEASE NOTE 7/16/2019


We have greatly improved our integration with Kaltura platform to simplify configuration by hub administrators and use by Wonda participants 

  • The integration with your Kaltura account is now configured at the Hub level by the administrator with an App Token

  • All hub users, therefore, benefit from this integration without any configuration and access their Kaltura media in their Wonda media library

  • Hub users can now upload content (photos and videos - 2D and 360+ sounds) directly from their Wonda VR media library to their Kaltura account

  • The videos uploaded to Kaltura from Wonda are transcoded by Kaltura and streamed in the Wonda VR player from Kaltura's servers

  • Fixed a bug that did not maintain the aspect ratio of videos and images imported from Kaltura


  • Fixed a bug that did not copy automatic transitions in duplicate experiences.



Wonda now lets you connect to our IBM Video Cloud account to integrate your live and replay videos into your VR interactive experiences

  • The integration with your IBM Video Cloud account is configured at the Hub level by the administrator

  • All Hub users, therefore, benefit from this integration without any configuration and find their IBM Videos (360° & 3D live & replay) in their Wonda media library


  • Improved splash screen design when loading the player

  • Added option to play an ambient sound once (not in a loop)


  • Fixed a bug in the display of controllers in Firefox Reality on Vive Focus

  • Fixed a bug preventing 2D video playback (annotation) in Firefox

RELEASE NOTE 5/20/2019


Create Scored Experience

  • Enable scoring in experience settings

  • Set Passing Score & Custom notification message when passing score is reached

  • Set score on any given user interactions 

  • Display user Scorecard as an annotation in any given scene, at any moment

Improved quiz features

  • Add quiz as an annotation in any given scene

  • Add different score to each response

  • Add feedback message

Added completion scene

  • Define a scene as completion scene for the experience

  • Add custom notification message when passing scene is reached


  • Added Copy/paste to annotations from scene to scene

  • Improved & bug fixed “Look At” feature

  • Added option to hide "Control Bar" in the player


  • Added option to leave a Workspace

RELEASE NOTE 3/11/2019


  • I can set an experience as “Opened” to make it available for both logged Spaces users and non users.

  • I can set an experience as private to make it only available for participants of the WorkSpace. 

  • And I can whitelist all the domains I want to embed the project on.


  • I can edit a label for each annotation in the annotations properties.

  • I can hide each annotation.

  • I can trigger any annotation from other annotations.


  • When I create a Link Annotation, auto select "scene" in the drop down list (and not "web page").

RELEASE NOTE 2/19/2019


  • UI redesign for Workspaces and authoring tool

  • Display a html poster before loading and launching the player

  • Experiences are directly embedded in the Workspace

  • Update of wording (Workspace, Experience, Scene)


  • On iOS I can trigger/ activate sound by clicking on a "sound" button

  • Configured a CDN for faster loading of media & app


  • I can edit the duration for 2D & 360 image resources

  • I can edit display timing for each annotation

  • I can edit an automatic transition for 360 & 2D photos and videos resources

  • In a live session, all users can be presenter (Caution: You cannot access the same live session more than once with the same account)


  • In VR, cards were not good, textures were blended in VR

  • Optimised transition between 360 and 2D content



  • Room: New design of the control bar

  • Room: Outline and connected users information are now displayed as slider menu on web and mobile view

  • Mobile (iOS + Android): improved annotations selection in the room

  • iOS: Enabled video playback (with autoplay)

  • UI : Added a loader for videos in the room + editor

  • Video Quality: Added a 4K video format

  • Performance: Improved room loading


  • YouTube: Added 2D and 360° videos import (resources + annotations)

  • Room settings: Added an option to enable/disable poster display (when it’s disabled, the 1st resource is displayed)

Bugs fixed

  • Room (Android): VR button was missing

  • LMS: When enabling/disabling LTI, the change was not take effect for LMS export modal until the page was refreshed

  • Video Transcoding: .mp4 filter to transcode video (.mp4 only so MP4, m4v not allowed)

  • Editor: Crackled ambient sound on Chrome

  • Fixed bugs in the LearnSpace edition form.

  • Fixed bugs in the Medialibrary style on firefox.

  • Fixed a bug which prevent to access to a room after registration or login

  • Fixed a bug which prevent to use interactions in preview mode in the editor

RELEASE NOTE 1/10/2019


  • UI Room: Improve preloading & display of the 360 image background when entering into the room

  • Medialibrary UI: Filters enhancement with tab view + “Media from LearnSpace” filter

  • Medialibrary: I can upload multiple media at the same time

  • 3D rooms: Add light to 360° photo rooms for avatars

Collaboration, Sharing, Viewing & Social

  • Kaltura Integration

  • LMS Integration with LTI + Scorm Export

Creation & Customisation

  • Room Management: I can now upload my own 3D room

  • Editor: Z-index enhancement

Bugs fixed

  • Encode videos without manifest

  • Room: Transition sphere is no longer visible in transition to 360 when the user has moved

  • Room: The Look At was not considered in the Room 

  • Room: Click & drag navigation has an opposite effect/ direction in the Room.

  • Oculus Rift: It was not possible to control content with Oculus Rift touch

  • Editor: Fixed an error when after updating media, then switching scene and going back to the updated scene the old media is still present


RELEASE NOTES 12/20/2018


  • Optimise web app loading

  • UI improvement : Scroll in the presentation outline

  • Show progression when I upload a media

Collaboration, Sharing, Viewing & Social

  • I can share my screen during a live session (only available for Firefox)

  • Live sessions :

  • Huge optimisation of live session

  • Make a live session possible with 5 users

  • Fixed a bug which sometime prevented to see other users

  • Fixed a bug which sometime spawned users at the same spot

  • Participant name is automatically retrieved from the users database

  • Display list of participants in the room (right panel)

  • Play a sound to warn that a participant has just joined the room

  • I can move in the Oculus Go (only for 3D rooms)

  • I can embed a presentation in a web page

Creation & Customisation

  • I can set a 360 photos as room background

Bugs fixed

  • Bug when a user is connected more than 1 hour without navigating in the editor

  • Bug when I duplicate a scene with actions inside: actions are not copied



  • Editor: UI improvements

  • Room: Add scroll to outline

  • Room: Improvement on text display (section and resource titles)

  • Room: Video control bar improvement

Collaboration, Sharing, Viewing & Social Collaboration

  • I can add multiple users (email) at the same time

Collaboration, Sharing, Viewing & Social Notifications

As a LS participant, I will receive email notifications when there is activity on Learnspace I participate in / own:

  • Email sent to LS Owner when Learnspace information is modified by a participant other than the LS Owner (title, desc, poster, status). 

  • Email sent to LS Owner + LS Participant when a new presentation is created by a participant. 

  • Email sent to LS Owner when a presentation is deleted by another participant. 

  • Email sent to LS Owner + Participant having sent an invitation, when a new participant has accepted the invitation (a new participant has joined LS). 

Assets Management 

  • I can delete media

360 editor

  • Force ratio when I resize an annotation

  • Manage z-index between annotations for 2D content (Bring to front - Bring forward - Send Backwards - Send to back)

  • Huge enhancement on cards > You can now create a card as an annotation (+ edit size & position), and you can trigger cards (if hidden) from another annotation. 

User management

  • I can edit & delete my account

  • I can reset my password

Bugs Fixed

  • Microsoft Edge - Cannot load the page. User is blocked on the loader > Now we display a message to use Chrome or FF

  • Room - Cannot navigate back to a section poster which is not displayed

  • On a 2D resource (in the room), having a background colour on a text annotation does not work. It is not visible

  • Classroom (Multi) - When 2 users join a room without presenter, they are spawned on the same spot

  • Quiz edition - clicking the checkboxes in the interactive panel change the opacity of the background image

  • Bug: When adding a new section, then adding a new resource, sometimes more than 1 new resource appears

  • If I change the title/ description/ look at/ volume of a resource, and select to go to another resource, the change isn't saved unless I select something else first.

  • When I want to change the source of an hotspot, the window is opened twice

  • Asset Manager - Thumbnails are not created on firefox

  • Look At: when I come back to a scene and click on current view, it goes from x to -x then 0

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