Prepare your media

Here are some encoding recommendations before importing your media in Spaces:

  • Encode all your videos in .mp4 with h264 codec @ 30 fps. 
  • For 360 video: You can import videos with a resolution up to 3840x1920px. Note that when you upload a 360 video, it needs a few minutes of encoding on our server before it’s available in the best quality for your experience.
  • For 2D video: We recommend to import videos up to 1080p (higher resolution will be decreased to 1080p)
  • For images, you can import .jpg or .png.
  • For audio, you can import .mp3.

Import new media

Each time you need to add a media in Spaces (create a new Scene, add a new annotation, etc), you open a new window. This is the Media Library.

The media that is displayed here depends on the kind of asset you would like to add (2D video, image, …).

The media can then be used in an experience from different sources:

  • All my media: Here you will find all media you've imported in the Hub
  • From this Space: All media imported by you and all other people invited to the current Space
  • From this Experience: Only media previously imported in the current Experience

N.B: Before importing your stereoscopic content in the media library, you need to add "_TB" (top-bottom) or "_LR" (left-right) at the end of every stereoscopic media name (images and videos) depending of how your stereoscopy is formatted. 

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