Kaltura is a media hosting platform dedicated to Enterprise and Education needs. You can connect your account to Wonda so you can either import your media files (images, videos, 360 medias and audios) from the Kaltura platform to Spaces and upload media files to Kaltura directly from Wonda.

Note that these features are only available for paid plans and need 4K support to be activate in your Kaltura account. Not sure it's enabled? Contact Kaltura Support.

How to set up the connection with Kaltura? (Hubs Admin only) 

First, please make sure you have the following roles: 

  • Hub Admin in Wonda

  • Kaltura KMC access to generate the App Token from Kaltura

1. Generating an App Token from Kaltura

More information about this process on Kaltura documentation here.


  • You have to be the Admin or App Token manager of the Kaltura account


  • On the Outline, go to Generate API Token / appToken/ appToken.add

  • Click "Try it out"

  • Don't modify the value of Global parameters

  • Deploy body : object

Fill in the following information:

  • Description: Describe the goal of the App Token as you would like

  • Expiry: Duration of the App Token validity (in seconds). Leave it empty to keep this app valid forever (but don't enter 0 as it will be not valid!)

  • hashType: SHA1 or SHA256 recommended

  • sessionDuration: Validity of the session. Leave it empty if you don't want to constrain the time for the users. The value will be equivalent of one day.

  • sessionType: pick the "User" value (it is only recommended you use the "Admin" value for testing purposes only)

  • sessionPrivilege: This parameter is essential to manage media access. "disableentitlement" must always be added. Also if additional access to media that do not belong to the user is needed you can add "list:*", ex: "sessionPrivileges": "disableentitlement,list:*". Recommended value here is: "sessionPrivileges": "disableentitlement",

  • sessionUserID: Leave it empty

Click on Send Request and make sure it sends a SUCCESS message.

2. Importing the Kaltura App token into Wonda

Once the App Token has been generated from Kaltura (step 1 above), go to the Hub Settings in Wonda and select the "Integration" and Kaltura tab to fill in the App Token required information.

As a last step, make sure you tick the right option depending on your Kaltura set up:
- Use the email as the user ID
- Use the email prefix as the user ID
- Use a custom id (in this case, please contact our support center for assistance)

How does a user access his Kaltura media in Wonda?

When the integration is done, no further action is required by the user. To be sure the integration has been correctly set, all users can view the information by going to the "User account"> Integration> choosing the right hub.

Now, each time you and all participants belonging to the Hub will open the Media Library to add a new media, you will get the possibility to choose “From Kaltura”.

Note: If you would like to use 360° media from Kaltura in Wonda, you need to tag them as “360” directly in Kaltura so they’re recognized as spherical media. More info in this Kaltura support article. 

How to upload a media from Wonda VR to my Kaltura account

If you upload media files into ‘From Kaltura’ tab, they will be directly available in your Kaltura account as well.

  • A "360" tag is automatically added to Kaltura for 360 content 

  • Videos are transcoded in Dash and available for streaming on Kaltura servers 

About user account management

Whether Wonda users (hub participants) have a Kaltura account or not, they will be able to connect to Kaltura in a seamless way.

If the Wonda account email is an existing Kaltura account (SSO login):

  • No new account will be created on Kaltura's end

  • Wonda users will see in their medialibrary their existing Kaltura content and they will be able to upload media to Wonda 

If the Wonda VR account email does not match an existing Kaltura account:

  • A Kaltura account will be created automatically for Wonda users

  • This new user will be part of the Kaltura account but will not be logged in the KMS

  • Wonda users will be able to upload their media to Kaltura from Wonda

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