Media & Assets Requirements

Recommendations for images, videos & 3D assets

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Prepare your media

Here are our recommendations to get the best performances with your assets:

360 videos

  • Format: mp4

  • Codec: h.264

  • Frame-rate: 30 fps

  • Maximum input resolution: 8K

  • Maximum streaming resolution: 3840 x 1920 px (4K)

  • Maximum bitrate: 20 Mbps

  • Stereoscopic Support: Top / Bottom & Left / Right


- When you upload a 360 video it takes a few minutes to upload on our server before it’s available in the best quality for your experience.

- To import Stereoscopic Videos, you need to add "_TB" (top-bottom) or "_LR" (left-right) at the end of the media file name (demoVideo_LR.mp4 for example).

2D videos

  • Format: MP4

  • Codec: H.264

  • Frame-rate: 30 fps

  • Maximum resolution: 1080p (higher resolution will be decreased to 1080p)

  • Maximum bitrate: 20 Mbps

360 images

  • Format: JPG or PNG

  • Maximum input resolution: 8K

  • Maximum output resolution: 6K

  • Maximum weight: 2Mb

  • Stereoscopic Support: Top / Bottom & Left / Right

2D images

  • Format: JPEG compressed for the web

  • Maximum resolution: 1080p.

  • Maximum weight: 1Mb

3D objects

  • Format: GLB or GLTF

  • Max Poly count: 10k

  • Max different texture count: 10

  • Max Texture Resolution: 4K

  • Material count: As low as possible (1 material create 1 draw call at runtime)

  • Max file size: 5Mo

Note: If you don't know how to edit your model to fit these values you can use third party tool such as RapidCompact.


  • Format: mp3.

  • Maximum weight: 10Mb

Import new media

Each time you need to add media (e.g., create a new Scene, add a new annotation, etc.), you open a new window. This is the Media Library.

The media that is displayed here depends on the kind of assets you would like to add (2D/3D images and videos, etc.).

The media can then be used in an experience from different sources:

  • All my media: Here you will find all media you've imported into your Hub

  • From this Team Space: All media imported by you and all other people invited to the current Team Space

  • From this Virtual Experience: Only media previously imported in the current Virtual Experience

Are you looking for another format? Let us a comment below!

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