Every experience has its own default 3D Room. You can use your own Room following the process below:

Preparing your 3D Room before importing it into Wonda VR Spaces

Before you import you 3D room (.glb) into Spaces, you need to set it up using a freeware called Spoke.

With Spoke you will be able to:

  • Define the Room default size and default position relative to the viewer when entering the room (spawn point)
  • Add 3D objects to the scene
  • Adjust the Room’s lighting
  • Adjust the sky of the Room

You may use any 3D modelling software such as Blender, Unity or others to create your own 3D Room. Yet, we recommend importing your 3D files in a freeware called Spoke before importing it into Spaces.

Note that If you have never used a 3D software or don’t have any specific 3D skills, you can also use Spoke to easily create your first 3D Room by importing royalty-free 3D objects via Sketchfab instantly.  

From 3D software to Spoke:

Here is the workflow to import your 3D environment with Spoke:

  1. Export a glb file of your 3D environment (.glb) from the software of your choice (Blender for example)
  2. Make sure it's working by testing it in a viewer
  3. Import your file in Spoke
  4. Make sure that your 3D environment has the right size, scale, and position spawn point. All details below:

Your main point of reference is the spawn point. Be sure its located at the center of the world (0 0 0) and move the Room around the spawn point. It also provides you with a reference for scale (the height of the spawn point is the height of your user.

Besides please note that the virtual screen which will showcase your immersive presentation created with Wonda will be located 4 meters behind the spawn point. Its  is 4,5 meters high and 4 meters wide. Be sure to keep this area empty.

N.B.: In order to allow the best user experience, please consider two important constraints before choosing a room and 3D objects:

  • Size: the 3D room and objects will be loaded locally on the user's device so the bigger the size, the longer the loading time (we recommend not to exceed 50MB)
  • Triangles: the more triangles, the more GPU will be needed to process the file, which may not render well on consumer PC or entry level VR headsets (such as Oculus Go).

Import your 3D room From Spoke to Spaces

Once the Room is correctly edited in Spoke:

  1. Go to file > export as .glb
  2. Create a thumbnail file and name it “thumbnail.jpg” (to be shown in Wonda VR Spaces media library)
  3. Simply drag and drop the two files in the media library and select it as the main environment in your Presentation.

Add a custom 360 image as a 3D Room

Just select your desired .jpg equirectangular file and it will be used as the main background for your experiences. Users will be able to zoom in/ out the Main Screen using the keyboard arrows on desktop, or with the controller in VR.

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