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Present your Scenes on the Main Display
Present your Scenes on the Main Display

A convenient way to display interactive multi media content on a virtual screen within your 3D environment.

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The Main Display works both as a virtual monitor or theater screen to playback interactive slideshows within your environment, in both single player and multiplayer mode.

Image 1: Wonda Visitors looking at the Main Screen


Using Wonda Editor, you can compose and organize multimedia and interactive Scenes (a.k.a. slides) - made of pictures (including 360 pictures), videos (including 360 videos), text blocks, quizzes and hotspots to be displayed on the Main Display.

For example, you can use the Main Display to welcome your Visitors with a poster and some forewords before they can explore your 3D environment.

You can also use the Main Display to launch 360 content and create branching scenarios by adding hotspots and links on any scene.

Edit Size and Position of the Main Display

You can change the position and size of the Main Display using the Wonda Editor.

Image 2: Moving the Main Screen across your Experience

To do so, open the Wonda Editor and click on the Main Display to change its size, rotation and position in the 3D environment of your Experience.


  • By default, the Main Display is positioned 3 meters away in front of where visitors are a(a.k.a. spawned) when entering the environment. Its ratio is fixed (16:9).

  • At anytime, you can reset the Main Display position, size and rotation using the dedicated button.

Other Features related to Main Display

  • If you use the Share Screen option in Multi-Player, your computer screen will be screencasted by default on the Main Display, see more here: Share your screen.

  • If you activate the Backlight effect, the media shown on your Main Display will be backlighted by default. See more here: Backlight effect

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