Invite or Join a Space

How to invite your team and create with them

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There are two ways to join a Team Space:

Inviting a participant

As a Space participant, you can invite other participants to join your Space by clicking on “Participants” and adding their email address.

Every participant you invite will be able to do the following by default:

  • Ability to edit the Team Space’s general settings

  • Ability to access all experiences within the Team Space

  • Ability to edit all Virtual Experiences within the Team Space

  • Add new Virtual Experiences

Note: If you are using the Essential or Campus plan new participant can also be added via the Hub Admin settings

Requesting Access

If you have not been invited to a Space and you are not the admin of the Hub, then will notice a lock icon on the Spaces poster. Clicking the lock icon will send a request to the owners. They will automatically receive an email to approve or deny your request. As soon as the request is approved, you will find the Space under the “My Spaces” category.

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