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Import 3D Objects from Sketchfab
Import 3D Objects from Sketchfab

Add a 3D object downloaded from Sketchfab to your room

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Updated over a week ago provides a wide collection of free and paid 3D assets ready for download. Following this quick article, you will be able to import all assets from Sketchfab into your Wonda experiences.
โ€‹1. Go to and select downloadable as the main research criteria.

2. Search for your asset (no $ signs means the asset is free but its author will need to be credited in most cases)

3. Click on download and select the glTF format (available for all assets in Sketchfab in addition to .fbx and .obj)

4. Edit your Wonda experience, open the 3D object library and drag & drop the .zip file you just downloaded. Then select it to add it to the scene.

Note: If you are in a multiplayer session you also drag & drop the 3D model directly in the room.

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