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Introduction to Multiplayer Sessions
Introduction to Multiplayer Sessions

What are multiplayer sessions and how to launch them

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Wonda has multi-user capabilities to enable remote training and collaboration with a real sense of “presence” unlike any other existing video conferencing tool. 

The benefits of multi-user immersive experiences are countless in remote settings:

  • Onboarding: Create a unique and playful experience for remote new hires or customer leads

  • Collaboration: Organize engaging ideation and brainstorming remote sessions in dream-like locations with massive virtual screens, reviewable 3D objects and 360 video materials. Pin any media on the walls of your new creative space.

  • Training: Organize in-person virtual training sessions with up to 15 remote participants

Last but not least, Wonda VR works on any device (Desktop, mobile, tablet and every VR headset) so everyone can join in one click.

Here are 3 simple steps to set up a Multiplayer Session:

  1. Click "Share Experience" and then copy-paste the Presenter/Learner link into your favorite Calendar tool and invite your participants. Note here that those invited with the Presenter link will have full control of the Virtual Experience during the live session, while those invited with the Learner link will have restricted permissions. More info.

  2. Start the Multiplayer Session by clicking the link from your favorite device and web browser (i.e. Chrome, Oculus browser) and join the other participants instantly (no need to install any application)

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