Preview in Standalone/Mobile headsets (Oculus Quest 1/2, Go, Pico Neo 2, etc.)

Opening an experience is always done through a web browser available within the headset (either a native one like Oculus Browser or via a custom one like Firefox Reality).

Most of the time, you will first first open the Experience link on your desktop, that’s why each Experience comes with a unique code to quickly launch it on your favorite headset (of course, it works also for mobile or other desktop).

If you’re an editor, this unique code is available in the sharing settings:

If you’re a viewer, you can access the code at any time from the bottom right corner of the screen

Or directly from the Experience’s Poster if it’s a MultiPlayer Session.

Once you have the code of your Experience, go to on your device’s web browser (we recommend to bookmark this URL for all future launches) and enter the code. As soon as the code is entered, the Experience will launch in the current tab.

N.B.1: Note that Presenter Links and Learner Links have two different codes.

N.B.2: You can also access directly the platform from the headset web browser and launch an experience from there.

When you launch an experience starting with a 2D Scene, either in Single or Multiplayer mode, you enter the default 3D Room facing the main screen.

To enjoy a full VR Experience, we designed an intuitive control panel that is hidden by default and accessible by a quick push on the trigger button of your VR headset controller.

Press the trigger again and the control panel will disappear.

Keep pressing the trigger button to quickly move to a specific location of the room

Control panel options:

  • Mute/Unmute: click on the microphone from the icon on the left and mute/ unmute yourself

  • Display Outline of your experience: You can choose not to display this option by deactivating it from the experience settings. More info here. (Note that Learners can’t see the outline)

  • Live information (only available for live sessions) regarding who is connected to the experience at the same time. As a presenter, you can mute/unmute the other participants. At the bottom of this window, the Presenter can choose to share their screen or a specific window of their desktop if using Firefox web browser.

  • Arrow Navigation: go to previous/next scene. Not enabled for Learners.

Note: these options are available for both desktop or VR viewing but the User Interface will be slightly different depending on the device you’re using.

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