Setup a Multiplayer Session

A quick overview of how you can create live multiplayer sessions with Wonda

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To set up a Multiplayer Session, go to your Hub and create a new experience (or pick an existing one) using Wonda on your Desktop.

After previewing your experience to validate its presentation materials, you can toggle a Multiplayer Session by clicking the icon shown below to switch between Single Player and Multiplayer modes.

Once you have toggled the session to multi-user, clicking Share will bring up the Sharing Options, which will generate two links dedicated to a Multiplayer Session.

NB: if you plan to invite participants who do not have a Wonda account, please make sure your experience is set to Open.

Users' roles in a Multiplayer Session

Once the experience has been launched in the web browser, every person that has access to the Presenter link will have full control of the Virtual Experience during the session while Learners have restricted permissions as described below:


As a presenter you can moderate a live session by muting participants and removing their message in the sidebar. If you want to make sure your session is for invited users only you can switch your session to Private mode (see more here).

NB: Wonda allows multiple users to join with the Presenter link and have presenter rights. Yet, we recommend for large group meetings that only one participant connects with the presenter link, to help ensure discipline during a live session.

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