Follow these recommendations to ensure a good Multiplayer Session to all participants

Checking your presentation

  • Make sure your experience doesn’t start with an autoplay video because the playback will be out of sync for newcomers

  • If you want to display the avatar, make sure the project starts with a 2D scene (instead of a 360 photo or video)

  • Shorten your link when sharing it with other participants using a free URL shortener tool such as This will be useful for participants joining from their VR headset as they will need to log the URL into their browser

Technical check before starting your session

  • Be sure your VR headset is fully charged as a low battery headset might decrease the performance

  • Use headphones to keep everyone immersed into the experience and avoid potential audio feedback echo loops

  • Ensure your internet connection is the strongest available. All technical requirements here.

  • Check that your browser is up to date. Oculus Browser is recommended in VR and Google Chrome on Desktop.

Other Tips and troubleshooting

  • If you cannot see nor hear a participant, this may be caused by a WebRTC issue. Please refer to WebRTC troubleshooting details here.

  • If your VR headset and/or controller battery is running low, open the same link on your Desktop to continue the session

  • In case you find a lot of echo, ask participants to use headphones as this may be the primary reason for the echo to occur. If this is not possible, ask the participant to mute him/herself.

  • For best performance in VR, use 6 DOF headsets such as the Oculus Quest with Oculus Browser

For seamless audio transition from a video conferencing tool to Wonda VR Space with your participant, we suggest you keep the audio microphone activated on the video conferencing tool everyone is using and ask every participants to enter in mute mode in the VR Multiplayer Session.

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