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Browsers, Desktop & VR Device Compatibility
Browsers, Desktop & VR Device Compatibility

Which platforms are compatible?

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What are the best browsers to Edit an experience?

We recommend using the latest desktop versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to edit Experiences. You can also use Edge on Windows, and Safari on iOS.

What are the best browsers to View an experience?

  • For Desktop: We recommend latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, on Windows you can also use Edge. Note that for Safari the support is still experimental due to this browser limitations.

  • For VR: we recommend Meta Quest 2 or higher with Meta Browser.

  • For mobile & tablet: the support is still in beta, you can use any Android device, for iOS the compatibility is limited to solo experiences only.

    Image 1: Devices and Browsers supported by Wonda.


  • Please note that Wonda is only compatible with standalone headsets. Wonda cannot be launched via Mobile cardboards, Google cardboards, VR Goggles or with connected to Desktop headsets.

  • VR Experience is only possible with Controllers (no hand tracking control).

  • The only compatible headsets are written above.

  • AI Experiences are only single-player and compatible with Desktop (for now...) more info in the AI section of our documentation.

How to restrict access to some devices?

If your experience is not designed for mobile or VR you may want to disabled the ability to view your experiences with these devices. To do so just open the experience settings and uncheck the devices you want to disable.

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Image 2: Restrict Wonda access to devices.

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