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Enable the Scoring option

Using the scoring feature, you can assign and monitor scores on any given activity in your Virtual Experience. A score can be negative, neutral, or positive and will be incremented throughout the experience.

Click on the Settings icon at the top left of the experience Editor and select the Scoring Tab.

  • Enable Scoring: Activate scoring across your experience. This will allow you to set a score for any given activity within the editor.

  • Set Passing Score: This score will determine which score your user needs to achieve to “pass” the activity.

  • Show Alert When Passing: You can customize a message that will be displayed when the user passes or completes the experience.

  • Set Completion Scene: You can choose any of your given scenes to determine when the user has “completed” the activity

Once the scoring options are activated, you can start setting scores for chosen actions performed by the participant in the experience. You can set a score when:

  • A link is triggered: A score is set when the user triggers this link

  • An annotation is shown or hidden: A score is set when the user triggers this action

  • An audio clip is played: A score is set when the user triggers this audio

  • A quiz is answered: A score is set when the user chooses an answer. See below for more information about the quiz

Add a Scorecard

You can display a Scorecard as an “annotation” to display the participant’s current score at any chosen moment during the experience.

Simply choose the Scorecard icon from the list of annotations from the annotation menu bar to add a scorecard on any given scene (360/2D video or image).

To edit the Scorecard's default text, select the associated text fields on the right column of the editor.

Add a quiz and set score for each possible answer

You can add a quiz from the annotation menu bar onto any scene (2D or 360). 

[optimize output image]

To edit the quiz's question and possible choices, click on the “Edit Quiz” button in the right panel of the editor.

Once the Quiz Editor is opened, you can activate different options to set a score, link to a scene, or provide a feedback message for any given choice.

Here are the following options you can choose for each choice:

  • Set a score: Each choice can have a negative, neutral, or positive score that is incremented throughout the experience. The user score can be viewed anytime with the “scorecard” - See above about scoring options

  • Display a feedback message: a short message that will be displayed to the quiz participant for two seconds after making their choice

Use the LTI integration

In the [Experience Settings > Scoring] panel, you have access to new options.

You can either:

  • Report the user score as a percentage. For this you have to set the maximum score of your experience.

    For example if you have 4 questions with up to 10 point each the maximum score will be 40. Then if a user get a score of 30 points the score you will see on your LMS will be 75% (= 30/40).

  • Report a score of 100% on completion by user. Once a user reach the completion scene you will see a score of 100% on your LMS for this user.

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