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Enhance your experiences using sounds and music

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Wonda comes with multiple ways to enhance the immersion and quality of your experience with sound.

Following this short article, you'll learn how to deal with:

  1. Ambient Sound

    An ambient sound is a looped sound played in the background of your experience. Its volume is adjustable, and it can also be set to play only once.

    How to set it up:
    Ambient sounds can be set up in two ways:

    • one sound can be shared between scenes

    • you can choose one sound per scene

    1. Ambient sound shared between scenes - Section Properties:

      [optimize output image]

    2. One ambient sound per scene - Scene Properties Panel:

      [optimize output image]

      Note: Section ambient sound & Scenes ambient sounds will overlap if you set them both. This feature could let you set multiple voice recordings linked to scenes over a global ambient sound for example.

  2. Action Sound

    Action sounds are played once an annotation with the "Trigger Action" panel set up is triggered. Selecting a Picture, Video, 3D Object, Hotspot, Card, or editing quiz brings up the "Action" panel.

    [optimize output image]

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