How do you count Users?

We keep track of the number of Users who belong to your Organization's Hub.
An Organization User is either:

  • Someone who logged in to your Organization's Hub to create an Experience
  • Someone who have been identified via oAuth, LTI or SSO when accessing an experience

Users are all listed in your Organization's Hub settings and are uniquely identified with an email and username.

Do you count users on a monthly or yearly basis?

We count Users that have been tracked at least once during your billing period on a yearly basis.

What’s the difference between Users and Visitors?

  • Visitors include both Users who belong to your Organization's Hub and any Anonymous Users who have accessed your experiences.
  • We only charge you for Users who belong to your Organization's Hub

Do you reset user counts at the beginning of a new billing period?

When you renew your account for a new period, we reset the number of users. Yet, you keep all data associated with any users from the previous period.

What happens if you go over the user limit?

  • We won’t restrict you from adding new users when you need to. 
  • If you exceed the users included in your plan you will be charged an overage per user at the start of the next billing period.

Can I remove users from my Hub?

  • Yes, you can remove any users from your Organization's Hub so he or she can no longer access your Hub content. 
  • Note these users will remain counted for the period, provided they have at least connected once to an experience during the billing period.

Can I subscribe for 3 months?

We only offer 12-month licensing periods for now. If you need to further evaluate Wonda VR Spaces before making a purchasing decision, we do offer an extended evaluation license. See below.

What is the extended evaluation license? 

We can provide an extended evaluation license on demand beyond the 30-day trial for a maximum of 3 months so you can continue prototyping while you are getting budget approval. Contact us for pricing.

What payment options do you offer?

We do offer Credit Card payment or Wire Transfer. We do not accept checks. 

Do you offer discounts for educational institutions or Non Profit?

Yes, we do offer discounts for Research Projects and Non Profits.

What Happens at the end of the Trial?

At the end of your Trial, you can no longer access your content. We will keep your content securely stored for 2 months and delete it afterwards.


What happens at the end of the billing period?

If you have not contacted us at least one month before the end of your billing period, we will automatically renew your subscription.

Can I end my licensing period before the end of the billing period?

Yes. If you decide to leave in the first 3 months, we’ll make sure you get a refund for the unused period.

What limitations are on the “immersive lab” or free Plan?

All Spaces you create are visible by other Wonda VR users and that they can request access to your Spaces. Also, you can't be an admin of your Hub, therefore the following features will not be available:

  • Access the list of users and manage permissions
  • Access all Spaces and experiences created within your Hub
  • Edit the Hub branding (title and logo that will show off on every experience created within your Hub)
  • Activate third party integration settings such as Kaltura, IBM Cloud and LTI settings
  • Access the Hub analytics
  • Access the Hub billing information
  • No technical support provided

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