Snap Zones

How to create and edit Snap Zones to align annotations in 3D.

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Snap Zone is a simple tool used in 3D experiences to:

  • snap annotations as if it was on an invisible wall,

  • align multiples annotations together,

  • move several annotations at once.

Use Snap Zones

1. After you click on the snap area icon, the Snap Zone appears right in front of you.

2. You can move the Snap Zone by clicking on it as if it were a simple annotation.

3. You can change the Snap Zone size to fit the area where you want to add content.

4. You can change the orientation of the Snap Zone (click once on the horizontal axis rotation line to display the other axis rotation lines).

5. Now that your Snap Zone is set up, you can move your annotations closer to the snap area, and they will snap. To unsnap simply move them outside the area or use the mouse wheel.

6. You can easily align your annotations with each other on your Snap Zone.

7. After you have placed all the annotations in your Snap Zone, you can move your Snap Zone with all the snapped annotations wherever you want.

8. Once the experience is launched, the Snap Zone is locked and invisible. If it's a multiplayer experience you can still snap and unsnap elements on it, even in VR.


  • The size of a snapped annotation can still be changed as any other one.

  • Changing the size of the Snap Zone will not affect the size of the annotations.

  • Deleting a Snap Zone will not affect the attached annotations.

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