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How to Optimise your 3D assets (using RapidCompact)
How to Optimise your 3D assets (using RapidCompact)

Add more assets in your room by optimizing its content

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Since Wonda is a web based platform running on many devices you need to make sure your assets are not too heavy. Otherwise it could lead to a bad experience, especially on mobile and VR. To check if your assets are optimised enough check our recommendation: manage my media.

Using RapidCompact

If you don't have advanced knowledge in 3D or need to prototype quickly you can use RapidCompact, which optimises polys and materials of your resources quite simply.

  1. Once you have created an account, you have access to the upload section, accessible via the Base Asset section.

  2. Upload your 3D model by drag & drop in the upload area.

  3. Optimise the Asset using the "Single-Item Mobile" β†’ "High" option.

    Note: it can take some time depending on the 3D model size and complexity, don't hesitate to come back a few minutes later while the assets are being processed.

  4. Download the optimised asset in glb format

That it! You can now add your optimised content into Wonda.

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