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Add Images and 3D Objects in Player Mode
Add Images and 3D Objects in Player Mode

Add your custom 3D content to personalize your experiences

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  • Before importing your media, be sure to follow the guidelines mentioned in in this article.

  • Please take a look at this article if you are looking to add your Spatial Annotations using the editor.

Add a new spatial annotation in multiplayer mode

In a Multiplayer Session, you can add Photos, Videos and 3D Objects as dynamic annotations within the 3D Room using two ways:
- "on the fly": by drag and dropping your media (.png or .glb) directly from your Desktop Finder into the 3D room (Desktop only)
- from your Media Gallery: by importing pre-existing media from your Media Gallery (Desktop + VR)

1. Add a new 3D object or Images "on the fly"

On desktop, you can drag and drop a 3D object or image directly from your local machine/desktop into the web browser window while using the multiplayer Mode.

Once the loading is finished, the 3D object will be directly displayed in the 3D Room, ready to be manipulated.

Add a new video annotation

To add a new video, you need to upload it first in your presentation on the Editor side (Hub or Team Space participant role is required to access it).

Videos added in the Editor will then be available in the annotation gallery.

2. Add any Media from your Media Gallery

All items added to the 3D Room are automatically added to the Media Gallery. Available as soon as you're in a 3D Room (not in 360 scene), it is divided in 3 categories: Image, Video and 3D Object.

The method to display it is different depending on your device:

On desktop

You can find the + button on the left bottom corner of the window (only available for logged-in users).

In a VR headset

To add a new annotation in the 3D Room, you need to first display the control panel by clicking with your index on the controller trigger.

Trigger button on Oculus

Once displayed, you can find the button to add a new annotation within the 3D Room in the top center of the control panel (only available for logged-in users).

Edit Dynamic annotations

For both desktop and VR

If an annotation is unlocked, you can select it and keep the mouse/trigger pressed to move it anywhere in the room.

Simple click on any annotations (3D Object, image or video) to display the different options:

  • Lock/Unlock: Once an annotation is "locked", non-logged-in-users can’t select it and therefore can’t move it

  • Delete: It removes the annotation in the room (yet the annotation is still available in the media gallery)

  • Scale up and Scale down the annotation


An annotation can be scaled or rotated in VR by press & holding the grip button on the controller with your middle finger.

Grip button on Oculus

  • Keep pressing one grip to select a media and rotate it.

  • Keep pressing the two grips simultaneously with both your controllers to scale objects.

You can also select an annotation at distance by pressing the right trigger and use the multidirectional joystick to bring the object closer or further away

Delete annotations

For both desktop and VR

When hovering over a thumbnail in the media gallery, you will see a trash icon. Select the trash icon once and then select "X" to cancel or "✓" to confirm that you want to delete the annotation permanently.

Note that all instances of this media will be deleted.

Any troubles? Check this part of our FAQ

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