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Advanced Publishing and Versioning
Advanced Publishing and Versioning

Professionalize your workflow using advanced publishing options [Campus Plan]

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As part of Wonda’s advanced publishing option, you can choose when your modifications are ready to be shared with your audience using the Versioning options.

This feature can be very useful during any project review phase and most importantly after the public release of a project in the case you need to make new modifications but do not want to push any changes without going through an internal validation and testing phase first.


Using this advanced publishing option, you will be able to edit a draft version until you explicitly decide to publish your modifications and create a new version of your project.

You can repeat and generate new versions as many times as you need.

  1. Publishing your first version

    To publish your first version of your experience (i.e. version 1.0), go to your [Experience Settings > Advanced > Advanced Publishing Options] and select Enable Versioning.

    When your experience is ready to be published, open the Publish & Share options in the Editor, and click Publish. This will generate the “official” link of your experience which you can share with your audience (direct link, embed and via your LMS if you are using one).


    • Versioning can only be activated in Single Player Mode

    • When using versioning, you get two links. A public link, accessible from the Sharing Options panel, and a Draft link which you use to preview your draft version directly from the Editor (recognizable with “&versioned=false” at the end of the url)

    • As a best practice, we advise you publish your first version early on in your project delivery timeline so you know your reviewer will always review the latest published version of your project.

  2. Managing New Versions

    Once your first version has been published, you can continue to edit the current draft version without interfering with the latest published version, and create a new version at any time by publishing your updated draft when you are ready.

    When you push a new version, the sharable link of your experience remains the same so you do not have to send it again nor update any links for your LMS.

    This means that all Visitors will always have access to the latest versions available.

    Note: once you release a new version, you cannot revert to the previous version. If you need to save a specific version for back up and freeze a given version at any point of time, we recommend you duplicate your Experience as a “back-up” version to do so.

  3. Extra Option: Save Visitor Progression

    Additionally, you can choose in the [Advanced Publishing Options] to allow your Visitors to save their progression and retrieve their progress from one session to the next.

    If you activate this extra option, choose Publish and reset when you want to push a new major version and make sure both new and returning Visitors have access to the latest version.

    For returning Visitors, this will reset all previously saved progress, meaning they will need to start over their experience and will not be able to retrieve their progress when they come back.

    Alternatively, choose Publish (only) to push the latest modification only to new Visitors, allowing returning Visitors to access the older version while new Visitors access the latest version.

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