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Emphasize content with the Backlight Effect
Emphasize content with the Backlight Effect

Dim the lights and direct focus on any of your visual media

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The Backlight Effect is an interactive feature dedicated to helping focus attention in group presentations and create a beautiful look and feel in your experiences.

In practical terms, the Backlight Effect allows you to dim the light in the room and highlight any Media for you and your attendees to enjoy watching, including:

  • the main display (by default)

  • any image displayed in the 3D room

  • any video displayed in the 3D room

This article will introduce:

Using the Backlight Effect

1. Activate the Backlight Effect by selecting the "Backlight" button

  • on Desktop: at the bottom left corner of the screen

  • in VR: at the bottom left of the navigation panel (right trigger of your controller)

2. To apply the backlight effect to another media just click on another media in the 3D room.

Activate Backlight by default

You can now run your experience with the backlight activated by default.

To do this, go to the Edit Settings/Advanced/Backlight in the Editor and check the "Auto activate when experience starts" option.

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Useful Notes:

The Backlight Effect can be activated:

  • by anyone (in Singleplayer Mode) and only by presenters (if in Multiplayer Mode) on Desktop, Mobile, and VR.

  • when the 3D Environment is visible (it will not work when viewing 360 media)

  • for any media already displayed in the room. If you add an image while the Backlight Effect is on, you need to de-activate and re-activate it.

You can disable the backlight effect by unchecking "Enable Backlight Effect" in the Editor, in Edit Settings/Advanced/Backlight.

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