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Discuss with an AI Character
Discuss with an AI Character

Discuss with any AI Character within Wonda

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You can now add AI-powered virtual characters into your experiences to build highly personalized simulations that engage your learners into rich conversational activities for any type of role-play or onboarding.

Please note that this feature is currently only available on Desktop and in Single Player Mode.

Image 1: Discuss with an AI Character


In this short article, you will learn how to:

  1. discuss with an AI Character

  2. save your conversation by exporting your conversation.

  1. Start the Conversation

    To start interacting with an AI Character (such as the ones features on, simply click on its avatar to open the Chat Window.

    Image 2: the Chat Window

    You can see several elements in this window (from top to bottom):

    • a Cross icon that closes the window (doesn’t erase your conversation)

    • a Speaker icon to mute the character

    • a Refresh icon that resets the conversation

    • a Magic Wand icon that can be used to modify the Character

    • a Microphone "Press-to-talk" button

    • a Message field with a “send” button

    Once opened, you can engage the discussion with your AI Character.

  2. Discuss with the AI Character

    There are two ways to discuss with the AI Character:

    1. You can click on the “Press-to-talk” microphone button to transcript what you are saying while pressing. This allows you to talk with the character.

    2. You can write your message in the Message field.

    Image 3: the Message field and the Microphone button

    Important: If you need to modify a message you have sent, you can simply edit the message (click to edit) and reload the conversation from this message by clicking on the refresh icon which appears when hovering over the message:

    Gif 1: Reload conversation from a given message

  3. Save/Export your discussion

    To save your conversation, you can simply export it by clicking on the Download Button at the top-right corner of the page.

    A .zip compressed file will be downloaded. This file contains one folder for each AI Character in the experience. Those folders contain:

    • A .csv file that contains the whole discussion with the Character

    • The recording of your audio messages and your Character audio messages.

    Note: The audio files are not stored in our servers. They are deleted at the end of every session. In other terms, if you want to export audio file, you’ll need to do it before closing the experience.

    Image 4: Download your Conversation

    If you have editing rights for the given AI-powered Experience, you can access the discussion and session details by going to the Session tab in the Experience's Analytics.

    Gif 2: Access the discussion and session
    details in the Wonda Analytics

Now that you know how to interact with an AI Character in Wonda, now it's your turn to create your own!

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