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Add an AI Character to Your Experience
Add an AI Character to Your Experience

Create your own AI Character

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You now have the power to create your own AI-powered interactive character. Follow these simple steps to bring your own custom AI character to life within your scene.

Image 1: Add an AI Character button in Wonda Editor


First thing first, you need to understand that an AI Character is an annotation made up of different properties:

  • a name

  • a full body Avatar

  • specific instructions and knowledge

  • a voice.

Please note that the AI Characters are not available for 360° only experiences.


In this article, you’ll quickly learn how to add an AI Character to any Experience, using the Wonda Editor.

  1. Add an AI Character from the Media Library

  1. Add an AI Character to the Scene via the Media Library

    In the Wonda Editor, you can add an AI Character by clicking on the Character Icon in the Annotation bar.

    Image 2: Add an AI Character button in Wonda Editor

    Then, choose an Avatar in the Media Library.

    By default, the Avatar shown are the ones imported from However, you can also find your own Avatars in the All My Media tab, the ones shared in the Space in the From This Space tab, and the list of used Avatars the From this Experience tab.

    Once you clicked on the Avatar, the character will take place in your scene. You can now move the AI Character in your scene and modify it as any other annotation.

    Tip: We recommend to instantly rename the AI Character once it’s in the Scene to find it easily using the Annotation List.

    Gif 1: Adding your AI Character to your experience

  2. Add a character to your Media Library using

    If you want to add a new 3D Body, you can import Characters you created in To add your own Avatar, please follow the next steps:

    1. Visit and follow the instructions to create your own avatar

      Image 3: create your custom Avatar
      (aka 3D Body) with

    2. Go to the My Avatar tab and click on the three dots at the top-right corner of your Avatar to click on Copy .glb URL

      Image 4: Copy the Avatar link in

    3. Go back to the Wonda Editor and paste your Avatar link, then click on Import Avatar. select it as any other 3D Body once it appears in the Media Library.

      Image 5: Paste Avatar link in the Wonda
      Editor to import it in your Media Gallery

Now that you know how to import your own Avatar and set up your AI Character in your scene, you can now Edit your AI Character and Start a Discussion with your AI Character.

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