Wonda VR SPACES is a VR learning and collaboration platform that allows anyone to easily edit, share and access immersive learning content based on 2D, 360 and 3D media, accessible using any device (VR HMDs, Mobile, Tablets and PC).

SPACES is composed of three main levels:

“The Hub” where you can access and manage all your Spaces.

A Hub is the main point of entry to access, edit and share experiences using Wonda VR Spaces. 

“The Immersive Lab” is the Wonda VR default Hub. It is free and open to everyone. The purpose of this hub is to let anyone share and discover new experiences with Wonda VR Spaces community. 

N.B.: if you are looking to start your own branded hub for your organization, we can invite you to set up your own enterprise Hub. Learn more about enterprise features here.

“Spaces” to collaborate with specific users on any project

Every Hub is composed of multiple Spaces where users can create and collaborate together on any immersive experience (i.e a workshop, a classroom project, a client project etc.)

By default, a Space is private and can only be viewed and co-edited by participants who have been invited to do so.

In every Space, participants can create and manage as many immersive experiences as they wish and invite other participants to join.

“Experiences” to be created and edited within every Space

In every Space, you can create immersive experiences and activities using the Editor.

The Editor works as a web based authoring tool which allows you to create quizzes and interactive annotations on top of any media - 2D/360/3D and audio content - to create simple experiences (i.e. slideshows) or more gamified experiences (i.e. role playing games, simulation-based activities etc).

Every experience can be shared synchronously or asynchronously with multiple users within its Space default 3D Environment, and be embedded into any web page and accessible with any device.

About Co-Viewing (beta)

Similar to a Skype video call (but much more immersive!), a co-viewing session in Wonda VR Spaces allows you to connect and chat in real time and with other participants simultaneously. The difference is that these sessions are built natively for VR headsets and allow every participant to be together in a shared 3D Environment, instead of simply being in front of a monitor. 

You can organize co-viewing sessions around any experience or activity you designed using the Editor by inviting participants to join with a simple URL you can paste in any calendar app or messaging system (i.e. slack or gmail). 

Once logged-in to a co-viewing session, every participant can choose their own avatar and start talking with each other in the 3D Room in which every session takes place. This can be done using their VR headset but also any other mobile or desktop device computer.

For every session, anyone participating to the live session sees the same experience synchronously.

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