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How to share experiences links with your team and publicly

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Wonda is completely web based meaning you can easily share your experiences with a link. You just have to decide if your experience is supposed to be private or public.

Get the link of your experience

Click the "Share" button to open up "Sharing Options". It is available from both the Space view and from the Editor.

The visibility of your project depends on how you plan to share your project with your audience:

  • Open: Your experience is publicly available, login is not required but non logged visitors will be counted from the guests passes. If you don't have any guest pass left the experience will automatically return to Private mode.

Additional options

  • If you are in single player mode you can also integrate the experience in your website using an iframe instead of sharing a link.

  • If you are in multi player mode you can choose to share the Presenter (access to everything) or Learner link (limited access). More information here

  • Finally you can also integrate experiences directly in your LMS. More information here

Note that the sharing options impacts both Single and Multiplayer Session Links (check this article to get more information about Multiplayer sessions).

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