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Wonda Essentials and Campus plans come with advanced features to create a private, secure and creative environment within your organization.

As a Hub Admin, you will be able to manage all your company and/or university Team Spaces and users:

  • Access the list of Users and manage admin permissions

  • Access the Hub analytics in addition to the Spaces ones

  • Edit the Hub branding (title and logo that will be displayed on every experience created within your Hub)

  • Activate third party integration settings such as Kaltura, LTI or SSO settings

  • Access the Hub Billing information

  • Access all Team Spaces and Virtual Experiences created within your Hub

  • Delete Spaces and experiences created by other members

How to edit Hub General Settings (admin only)

If you have admin rights for your Hub, you can access and edit your Hub general settings.

From here you will be able to change the branding, invite new users or manage the integrations of your hub.

How to invite new users to your Hub (admin only)

From the Hub General Settings, Admins can choose two ways to invite new users to join the Hub.
​1. By sharing the Hub secret invitation link
This unique and permanent URL will allow anyone to join directly your organization's hub.
By default, new users joining your Hub using this Invitation link will be able to create new Spaces or request access to existing Spaces.

2. By sending individual invites by email to selected users

This option is best suited to invite other administrators or allow access to chosen Spaces directly upon registration. Here you can also choose to invite someone directly with admin rights.

Note that any Space participant can also invite new users to join and get access to the Space. Read more here.

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