To set up a multi-user session, go to your Hub and create a new experience  (or pick an existing one) using Wonda VR Spaces on your Desktop.

After previewing your experience to validate its presentation materials, click on the “Co-Viewing” button to access links to the experience.

N.B: if you plan to invite participants who do not have a Wonda VR Spaces account, please check your sharing settings to make your experience open for non-logged users.

This option will generate two links dedicated to a co-viewing session.

Once the experience has been launched in the web browser, every person that has access to the Presenter link will have full control of the Experience during the live session while Learners have restricted permissions.

NB: Wonda VR Spaces allows multiple users to join with the presenter link and have presenter rights. Yet, we recommend for large group meetings that only one participant connects with the presenter link, to help ensure discipline during a live session.

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