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Using xAPI, LTI and SCORM standards

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You can connect Wonda experiences to Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard or any other LMS using the LTI and xAPI standards as well as with the SCORM export feature. 

This article summarizes some of the possibilities offered natively by Wonda. If you’re interested in custom export for your LMS, let us know at [email protected]

Export User Data using xAPI

xAPI is a set of specifications and technical recommendations designed to standardize the exchange of training data between IT systems and allows users to build complex learning systems (several LMSs with several LRSs).

To activate xAPI with one experience, select the three dots on the top right of the Poster experience and click on “Export for LMS”. Then fill in the required information delivered by your LRS.

Example of an architecture implementing xAPI

  • Wonda VR as the Learning Record Provider tracks the user's progress throughout the experience

  • The Learning Records provider generates statements and sends them to the LRS

  • A Learning Management System uses the records from the LRS

Type of data Tracked via xAPI:

Who ...

Export using LTI

To use LTI, you first need to activate it in the Hub settings (Admin Only), it will generate three values (consumer key, consumer secret and configuration URL) that you will need to enter into your LMS.

Note that these values are unique and valid for all experiences. 

Once you have correctly setup your LMS with the values above, you will get a specific URL for each experience from the “Export to LMS” option available from the Space. Note that this URL needs to be filled in when creating the module in your LMS, mainly under the name of "ExternalTools".

Note: It’s recommended to use LTI standards instead of SCORM to have automatic updates of your experience in your LMS.

Export using SCORM 2004

To export for Scorm 2004 standard, you will need to download a package for each experience. Like the two other standards, this option is available from the “Export to LMS” option from the Experience Poster.

Example of setup with Moodle:

  1. Click  "Download Scorm Package" and save the zip file on your computer

  2. Go to your LMS, create a new activity as SCORM package

  3. Fill in the basic info

  4. Upload the scorm package ZIP file

  5. Click save and display, then enter

  6. As a learner, you should not have to login to view an experience embedded as SCORM package

Note: Be sure to download a new package and upload it to your LMS each time you make an update on your experience.

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