By using LTI, users who log in to your LMS are automatically logged in Wonda.

This allows:

  • to identify users and generate a session analytics report for each of these individual user logged in your LMS directly from within Wonda without asking users to log in twice (both in your LMS and in Wonda)

  • to transfer completion and scoring information automatically from Wonda into your LMS

Enable and set up LTI in Wonda for your organization (Wonda admin only)

1. Go to your Hub Settings by clicking on your name in the upper right window.

From here open the General Settings.

2. Go to Integrations Tab and Select LTI, then enable the LTI for your Hub.

3. Here you can find the LTI Configuration parameters (Consumer Key, Secret and URL) you would need to copy in your LMS (see below).

Keep this tab open as you'll need these values later.

N.B.: We support LTI version 1.1, if you need support for 1.3 please contact us.

Set Up Wonda as an "External Tool" in Canvas

1. In Canvas, create a new Course by clicking on "Start a New Course"

2. Scroll down on the left panel and open settings, then select the Apps panel and click on the grey button "View App Configuration"

3. From here, create a new App by clicking on "+ App"

4. Select "Paste XML", type "Wonda" as name, then copy the Consumer Key and Secret Key from your Wonda LTI tab. Then copy the LTI Configuration url in a third tab and copy/paste the XML in the last field like below.

You are done!

At this point, any instructor can create a new course in Canvas and use this Wonda App in Canvas to show a course.

Import a new Wonda Experience as a Course in Moodle using LTI

Once the above set up is completed, any instructor who created a course in Wonda can import it in Canvas using the following steps:

1. To get the url of your experience look in your Wonda Experience tab for the LTI Experience URL which is automatically provided for each Wonda Experience (which needs to be used instead of the URL Sharing Options).

2. Select your Experience and open LMS Export options from the poster menu at the upper right corner of the Experience Widget.

3. Select the LTI tab and copy the automatically generated url of your Wonda experience

Return to your Home in Canvas and add a new module, select a new External Tool and select Wonda in the list. then Paste the URL you copied from Wonda.

N.B.: For a best experience it's recommended to select launch "Load in a new tab".

8. Click on Add Item, you can now add other contents and publish your course by ticking the checkbox (it should become green).

To test the integration is working properly:
Click on the Student View on the top right corner, you should be able to see your Wonda experience in the Canvas course.

If you set the scoring or the completion in your experience (see Quiz & Scoring options) you will now see the grade for each student in the Grades tab of Canvas:

N.B.: this feature has been tested successfully on Moodle, edX and Canvas. Let us know if you need assistance to set it up on any other LMS.

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