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How to setup Single Sign-On SAML 2.0

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Allowing your user to log to the platform with SSO allow you to give them access to both the editor and the player, and to track the related analytics. Once the integration is live you can set your experiences as "private" to be sure only members of your organization can see them.

Looking for other way to login to Wonda? See this page.

1. Access your hub settings:

2. Go to the “Integration Tab” and select the SSO menu:

3. Download our service provider metadata using the first link (XML file).

4. Configure your identity provider to add the following user attributes to SAML 2.0 response:

  • email (mandatory): the user email address

  • FullName (optional): the user’s name

If email is not specified, the Saml response user.name_id will be used as main identifier for the user

N.B: If you are using the Wonda Kaltura integration it's important to note that the Kaltura integration will be impacted, lease contact [email protected] to start your free trial now.

5. Add your Identity provider login URL and certificate to the form:

6. Enter a list of unique domain names that help identify your user.

When a user will reach the Wonda login page, and enter it’s email address, if the address corresponds to one of the domains listed above, the user will be redirected to your IdP login page and join your hub after login.

7. That's it! All your company user can now login to Wonda using their usual email, no need to create an account.

Note: If you are interested in Workspace One integration please contact us at [email protected].

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