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Import/Export your Experience Script
Import/Export your Experience Script

An easy way to review and translate all your textual content in your experiences. [Essentials and Campus Plan]

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Before you share your experience, you may want to do a final review and validate every content.

To do so, you can use the Export Script Option to export a readable .csv file you can easily share for review and final edits. Once those edits are made, you can import it instantly in Wonda.

Last but not least, you can use this same feature to translate your experiences faster and more effectively.


You can export the content of all the Text Blocks, Cards, and Quizzes created in your Experience to a single .csv file, modify it (using any spreadsheet) editor and then re-import it to replace those same textual content in Wonda.


  1. Export your Script from Wonda

    In the Wonda Editor, you can download the file that contains all the Script information of your experience in [Experience Settings > Advanced > Export].

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    Image 1: Export your Script from the Wonda Editor


    • If you are using the Script Export feature to translate your experience, start by duplicating your experience, renaming it, and then exporting the script before you start editing it

    • We recommend you to rename the downloaded .csv file with “_Original” right after exporting it and keep it as the Original version.

  2. Read your Script

    Once downloaded, your script is in .csv format (UTF-8 encoding) and contains multiple rows and columns.

    We recommend using Google Spreadsheets to view or modify it following these steps:

    1. Navigate to [File > Import > Upload], and import the CSV file you downloaded from Wonda.

    2. Leave everything as is and click "Import Data."

    Image 2: how to Import your Script File within Google Spreadsheets

    To better understand the file:

    • The first line describes the contents of the columns.

    • The elements are sorted by Scene > Type > Alphabetical order.

    Note: If you are using Microsoft Excel, you will not be able to read the .csv file unless you open it first in a new empty Excel file and import the data by following these steps: Go to [Data > From Text/CSV > Select your file to import > Select File Origin: "65001: Unicode (UTF-8)" > Load].

  3. Editing your Script

    You can now edit the "new_text_value" column to fill in new text for your Quiz, Text, and Cards.

    You can also edit the "new_label_value" column to change the names of the cards.

    Note: Modifying other columns is perfectly ok if you need to add a comment or other useful reviewer notes.

  4. Re-import your Script file to Wonda

    Once your new version is ready, download the new version of your Script file:

    Go to [File > Download > Comma Separated Value] in Google Spreadsheets.


    • We recommend adding “_[NewVersion]” to the end of your downloaded file. It can for instance represent the new language of the Script. Some examples: _EN ; _FR ; _DEU ; _FIN.

    • To export a file from Microsoft Excel, follow these steps*:***

      • use [Save As > Select Save as type: “CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (.csv)” > Save] to export your file.

      • If it doesn’t work, use [File > Export > Change File Type > CSV (Comma delimited) (.csv) > Save].

    To import it in Wonda, simply click on [Experience Settings > Advanced > Import].

    Image 3: Import your Script back into Wonda

    When you import a modified script in Wonda Editor, your browser tab will refresh automatically after the upload is finished and all text modifications will be propagated instantly within your experience.

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