Note that the sharing options impacts both Solo and Multi-user Links

Set the right option to share your experience with other people

You are able to edit the visibility of your project depending on how you plan to share your project to your audience:

  • Open: Your experience is publicly available and requires your audience to be logged-in with their Spaces account. Check the “Allow non logged-in viewers” option beneath to allow anonymous users to access your content.
  • Private: The experience will only be visible to Spaces users that have been invited to the Space beforehand. As soon as the user has accepted the invitation, they will have access to it.
  • Secured by Domain: This option is useful if you plan to make your experience available only when accessed from one specific website. Click on “Domain Restrictions Settings” and add the exact URL of all websites you want to whitelist (http://…). Use the embed code generated beneath on the external website and the experience will be instantly visible while allowing users to connect without the need to log in with a Spaces account.

N.B.: These options applied for both solo and co-viewing sessions.

By clicking on the “launch” option in the top right window, you can open your experience in your web browser and have a final rendering on how it looks. You will be the only one to enter the experience.

NB: Please check this article to get more information about how to launch a multi-user experience (i.e a co-viewing session).

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