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While creating and enjoying your immersive experience is already great you may want to get feedback and insights about your sessions, whether you are a hub admin and look for overall usage or a teacher looking for his students results.


Wonda allow you to get insights about your visitors at 3 levels:

  1. Hub, to get a general overview of the hub usage (admin only)

  2. Space, to get insights about a group of experience

  3. Experience, to get detail metrics & insights about a specific content

Note: For all the above dashboards, we display the contents of the last 12 months by default, but you can also select another period using the selector in the top left-hand corner.

  1. HUB ANALYTICS (Admin only)

    Image 1: The Hub Analytics

    The hub analytics, accessibles from the icon on the top right of the top bar, is split in two parts:

    • The Overview, giving you access to the overall usage of your hub. It’s the place you should look if you want to check if you might need to upgrade to a higher plan for your next renewal (you can check the number of registered users per month and the number of guests session per year and refer to our plans). You can also check who are your power users by looking at the most active creators.

    • If you want to explore further and check what are the most popular experiences in your hub you can check the By Experience tab, you will get some keys numbers and the list of the ten most popular experience in your hub, according to the number of visitors, the number of sessions or the average time per session.


    Image 2: The Space Analytics

    The Space analytics, accessible from the Analytics button in each Space, allow you to get insights about the experiences in your hub. Here you can find general informations about your hub but also see which experiences are the more popular or with higher scores in case of learning experiences. It can help you decide which experience you want to improve or promote more.


    Image 3: The Experience Analytics

    The Experiences analytics allow you to get detailed informations about your experience. The available informations available from the following tabs:

    • Overview to get general insights about your experience, such as the number of visitors or the type devices that were used in this experience.

    • Visitors to see the time spent, score & completion for each visitor. From there you can also access a specific visitor sessions & quizzes answers. Note that your participants need an account to be logged (Wonda account, SSO or LTI) to appear in that list, they will be referred as Anonymous otherwise.

    • Content to see a detailed view of your experience scene by scene. This is especially useful for experiences creators to check if the overall progression was smooth or if some content need to be improved.

    • Sessions to inspect users sessions in details. This is especially useful for beta testing or debug if you want to follow a visitor progression through your experience. You can click on a session name to get more details about the selected session.

    • Quizzes to get the results of the visitor for each quiz. This is a great place to assess if your experience was well balanced or need some adjustments such as additional clues.


  • I don’t see the score and completion on my dashboard.

    • Make sure you enabled the scoring and completion on your experience. Then track the Sessions and Content tabs to check if your users are able to reach all parts of the experience.

  • I have too much different experiences in my hub, it’s difficult to get relevant insights.

  • I want to get my students results directly in my LMS instead.

    • You can use the LMS integration to send your students score directly to your own LMS.

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