You can access user usage metrics and tracking data using Wonda VR Spaces at 3 different levels :

  • Key Figures at the Hub Level 
  • General Analytics at the Space level 
  • Detailed Analytics by Experience

Key Figures at the “Hub” Level (Starter and Campus plans only)

Go to the Hub General Settings and select the Analytics tab to access key metrics such as the number of experiences, sessions, total users, tracked users, time spent on all experiences and number of scene views.

N.B: if you do not want to track any user data, you can always uncheck “enable analytics for this Hub".

General Analytics at the “Space” level (available for both users and admins)

Select a Space of your choice and click on the Analytics button at the bottom left of the Space Header to see all statistics related to the experiences in your Space. From here you can have access to even more detailed analytics by experience (see below).

Detailed Analytics by Experience (available for both users and admins)

For a given experience you can see:

  • Number of sessions: A session is counted every time the experience is launched (i.e when you launch the first scene). Meaning whatever a user does within your experience (e.g. launch one or multiple scenes) before they leave the experience equals one session 
  • Sessions details: You can click on the link “more information” to have more details for each session including the user name (if logged-in or connected via LTI or SSO) and session date, the list of scenes viewed, if the scene has been completed or not and with which score. 
  • Number of total users: How many unique visitors have launched the experience (including anonymous users)
  • Number of tracked users: How many logged in (including via LTI or SSO) people have launched the experience
  • Minutes: Total time spent on the experience for all sessions
  • Scenes: Total number of scenes. You can click on the “More info” link to see the average duration by scene, how many users have seen it, how many quizzes included, and the number of interactions with the scene.
  • Scenes views: Total number of views for all scenes
  • Number of Quiz: Total number of Quizzes within the experience. Click on the link so you can see all quiz results by scene
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